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How To Use Adswaps To Build Your List

Aug 17, 2007
Building your mailing list to what you want it to be may seem like a daunting task when you are not sure about the channels that should be employed to achieve the goals. There are various ways to build it up using paid advertising and, in fact some types, unpaid advertising.

However, not all of it works and not all of it is workable for everyone. Using your money to make more money serves well if you can afford to start something with an investment. If you can not, then you are limited to taking free advertising of the various types; if you are for something new, try an adswap.

Take the traffic from someone else's website and use that to generate more traffic to your own. The best part about this is that it costs considerably less. Using list members to make list members is a new concept to many of us but it has been proven to work in many situations..

Ad swapping is trading advertisements with some other publisher of ezines or articles which are of the same genre as your own as well as with a list of roughly the same size and interest. In this manner, adswap works when you send the other publishers advertisement to your own list members while the partner in your ad swap does the same with your advertisements.

Promotion of each others lists and consequently each others products does work, particularly if the general interest, numbers and activity of the lists are about the same.

Endorsing someone else's advertisement can bring you multiple rewards. Cross promotion is a wonderful way to garner new members and increase your website traffic in a relatively short span of time.

As you begin the list to start with, your goal has to be to gather as many new subscribers to that list as you possibly can. Simultaneously, you should entice them to sign up for your mailings; this might be easier if they already have an interest in your topics.

Trading ads on mailing lists will have several advantages:

- It does not require money to accomplish
It helps your mailing list grow more rapidly

- It doesn't require a great deal of advertising effort.

All one needs is a well-written ad and a well-targeted list to house it. Positive results can be obtained at no cost to you if you find someone who will ad swap with you. Sending the ad through as many different publishers of ezines and articles sites as possible will help to assure that you gather as many new subscribers as you possibly can handle.

In this fashion, you would have built your own mailing list of literally thousands of subscribers, which grows by a few members each day - and all this at no cost. This is certainly not something many website owners can say about their efforts.
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