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Same List But More Profits

Aug 17, 2007
Having a great list is extremely important in internet marketing, but once you have the list, at times you can get into a bit of a marketing slump.

Yes, it is true that much of the money is in your list, but it is also important that you use your list to its fullest potential as well. There are many ways that you can start making your list yield even more profits than it currently yields, and the following are just a few that can get you started to a better profit margin with your list.

Survey Your List
One thing you can do to build up the profit with the list that you already have is to survey your list. Find out what they are interested in, what kind of emails they enjoy, and anything else you want to know about your list. The more you know about your list, the better equipped you will be to sell to that list.

Keep the Emails Consistent
When you send out emails to the people on your list, it will be very helpful if you can keep those emails consistent. You want to make sure that you are consistently emailing the people on your list. More than likely, if they do not hear from you for awhile, they will forget about you, and then once you email them again, you may get marked as spam. You want to be sure that they are reminded of you and your products on a regular basis, and the more they are reminded about your product or service, the more likely they are to buy it.

Answer Emails Personally
While using an auto responder is great for some things, it is not the best choice when you get emails from people on your list. Most people will not want an automatically generated reply back to their email, but they will want to hear directly from you. If they have questions or problems, it is extremely helpful if you can actually answer their emails personally. This shows that you are concerned about helping them and they will feel that they are more than just an email address to you.

Tell Stories
Most people enjoy a good story much better than an email that reads like a sales page. Using stories in your emails to your list is a great way to start increasing your profits. Use stories that will keep them hooked, and then provide links at the end where they can go and check out the products you have to offer.

Sure, building up your list is great; in fact, it's very important. However, it is important that you learn how to properly use your list once you have it. Keep these tips in mind and start making more profit from the list you already have.
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