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How To Use Squidoo To Earn Affiliate Commissions

Aug 17, 2007
The latest big trend online is the rise of web 2.0 social networking websites. Squidoo is at the forefront of this wave and unlike most other social network sites they allow you to blatantly advertise and make money promoting what you like.

People who use this platform create what are called lenses and are known as lensmasters. These lenses can be thought of as simaler to blogs. They allow anyone who creates them to establish their expertise on a subject. So if you are an affiliate why should you care about squidoo? Here are some of the advantages you will get by becoming a lensmaster.

1. It is easy and fast to make a lens. You don't need any special programming or web design skills.

2. It doesn't cost anything to be a lensmaster.

3. Squidoo shares the revenue it makes from adsense and other offers they display on your pages with you. You have the option to donate the money to charity or keep it.

4. The pages are heavily favored in Google search results. Most lenses get ranked quickly and easily for most keywords.

5. You are viewed as an expert on the topic you write your page about.

6. You can put your own affiliate links on your lenses so you can earn multiple income streams.

7. You get a significant amount of traffic from other lensmasters since it is a social network site. Squidoo also rewards lensmasters who keep improving and promote their lenses with a higher lensrank. The higher your lensrank the more traffic it will get.

Hopefully these benefits have sold you on creating a lens of your own to promote your favorite affiliate programs. Once you make a page you need traffic to get the commissions rolling in. Here are some methods of promotion I recommend and use.

1. Join groups on the site related to your topic. This will get links to your webpage and improve its lensrank and position in the search engines.

2. Use bookmarking sites such as del.icio.us to get high quality links.

3. Write articles with links to your lens in your bio box and submit the articles for syndication on other websites just like I have done here.

4. Update your page with new content regularly to get a better lensrank and more search engine traffic. More content means more traffic.

5. Create blogs elsewhere and link them to your lenses.

In theory you can create as many lenses and hence as much income as you want. In practice you have to use caution because many spam pages have been deleted by the moderators of the site. To avoid having your hard work ruined I recommend not making more than a handfull of lenses and they should all be about distinctly different topics.

They should also have a good amount of original content on them to avoid being seen as spammy. Well there it is. If you create a good quality page following my suggestions and promote it well you should start to see some good commissions from your work.
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Aaron Ballantyne has been making money online for 2 years and has a squidoo lens where you can find free information about affiliate marketing .
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