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MLM Scam - We'll Do All The Work For You

Aug 17, 2007
No wonder so many people hate MLM! Every time you turn around there's another "We'll do all the work for you" scam in your face, promising wealth without work. I really don't know how some of these people sleep at night. For as long as anybody can remember there have always been scams. That's nothing new and there will always be scams, but it's gotten downright silly.

What's really hard to believe is that so many people fall for this stuff. If they do all the work for you and you get to split the money, ask yourself, why do they need you at all? They don't need you, but they do need your money! That's how these unscrupulous jerks make their money. Don't fall for it.

Here's another one of my favorites, there's no selling. If there is no selling then no money changes hands which means that you will not get paid. Of course there is selling involved, and when did that become such a dirty word anyway? I'll admit that I even had a negative feeling about the 4 letter word "sell" but I just had to get over it. There is a big difference between the word sell, and the word force! If you actually have something of value to offer, you should proudly tell the rest of us. If what you have to sell can make my life better, brother I want to know about it.

It's not MLM, I love it when people say that. Well if it's not MLM then I don't want to look at it because MLM changed my life! There's nothing wrong with MLM. There's plenty wrong with most of the people in MLM. There are lousy people in MLM and lazy people too. There are complainers, blamers and groaners in MLM too. But, last time I checked the universe is filled with lousy, lazy, complainers, blamers and groaners that aren't in MLM! So what does that prove? I'll tell you what it proves, absolutely nothing.

Quick story. There's a nice guy in our business that used to be a flat broke school bus driver. Flat broke, living in a rotten apartment in a BAD part of town. Never made a lot of money, but he never gave up. One day he found the right company and went to work. It took a few years for him to reach 6 figures for the first time but he has made more than 6 figures a year for more than a decade! A former flat broke school bus driver is making more money than 99% of the people in America all because of MLM.

Who would hire that man and pay him what he's making in MLM? NOBODY. Look out for the scams, but whatever you do, do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
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Scott Miller is happy to have succeeded in MLM and he would love to help you live a better life. You can download 5 FREE CD's from his website even if you think MLM is a dirty word! http://www.getoutnow.com
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