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Social Network Sites On the Internet

Aug 17, 2007
With the advent of the internet, the whole world has shrunk to the size of your laptop. People can connect to other people with similar interests across thousands of miles. While critics of the internet find many disadvantages in the whole situation, there are a lot of advantages in being able to find friends and clients across the world for both individuals and businesses. And the web sites facilitating these fruitful connections are the vast majority of highly popular social networking sites on the internet. Some of the main advantages of social networking for both individuals and for businesses are discussed below:

Social Networking for Individuals: In a world where people are getting busier with their lives day by day, social networking sites are doing a great job of bringing friends, families and even strangers closer. Just imagine the joy of finding your long lost child- hood best friend on a social networking site like orkut.com or classmates.com. Most of us have gone through this experience and we all know that it is something that cannot be described easily in words.

Apart from connecting with old friends, you get to meet a whole lot of new people on these social networking web sites, and contrary to popular belief, not all of them are fakes. There are a wide number of good people like you who are out in the wide wide cyber world who are just as lonely as you are and are looking for like minded friends or companions. And a number of them have also succeeded at it. In fact it is so common that we all know people who met on line and are happily married today.

Social Networking for Businesses: While almost everyone is aware of the advantages of social networking for individuals, not many businesses are aware of the huge potential that this has in store for them. Joining a social networking site is one of the best and easiest ways of advertising about your business. What is more is that it is absolutely free. And on top of this, most such web sites will give you ample space to talk about your products and services.

It is a great method of increasing your client base and you are not even restricted by geographical boundaries. So while you can make a community of local businesses in order to garner your local target customer, you can also join communities of other similar businesses in order to be conspicuous to the overseas buyer who is sitting in another country or continent. It is an absolute win-win situation for you, so if havent joined a site till now, it is time that you did it right away!
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