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The Top 5 Things to do to Waste Time at Work

Aug 17, 2007
It's another dreary day at work. Way too many boring meetings. Do you have a boss that does not appreciate your hard work? (Are you reading this at work??) Your job is just really boring. What is a person to do? Fear not, let's discuss the top 5 ways to waste time at work.

Top Time Waster Number 5

You were running late this morning so you did not have a chance to catch-up on your personal email. So you login to yahoo or hotmail and catch-up. Oh look, your sister sent you a picture of her son playing in the mud. You had better forward that to your friends. After an hour or so, you are caught up.

Top Time Waster Number 4

You are really bored, so why not check your bank accounts. Nothing ominous here. You just want to see your balance. Did the mortgage check clear? Hey, while you are at it, why not check out your retirement accounts and other investments. Wait, what else can I do online? How about pay a few bills. Another hour down the tubes.

Top Time Waster Number 3

As you are working away, your mind begins to drift. Hmmm. I sure am hungry. I wonder what I will have for dinner tonight. Hey, wait, I just remembered that I am out of wax paper. I better make a list. Let's see, bread, milk, beer, etc.

Top Time Waster Number 2

Now that your shopping list is complete, you can focus your attention back to work. Wait, I wonder how my ebay auctions are going? A quick reveals that you have a few questions on some items you are selling. Better respond to the potential buyers quickly as a few of your auctions end tonight.

After answering the obvious questions, you know, the ones where you already provided the info in the desc, you begin to wonder what other like items have sold for. So off you go, in search of price comparisons. Along the way, you find an item that you actually want. Wow, what timing, the auction ends in just a few minutes. You better hang out and place your bid. You monitor the status of the late bidding and with two seconds to spare, you enter a bid $5.00 higher than the highest bid. YOU WON THE ITEM!!.. Being the shopper you are, you have a Paypal account so you log in and pay for your item. What a great morning it has been. And look, it's time for lunch!!!!

Time Waster Number 1

Well, back from lunch. You had better get some work done. Let's see, you better go to the company intranet to review the CEO speech so you fire up your internet browser once again. Perhaps the granddaddy of all time wasters is surfing the internet. There is no purpose to this. Unlike reason number 4, where you are checking your personal information (you can bet the CEO does the same thing), here you are just surfing the net to read whatever comes your way.

Picture this. After your favorite browser comes up MSN opens. You never changed your home page to the corporate intranet because MSN is so fascinating. Hmm, look at that headline. That looks interesting. You think to yourself, this will just take a minute. You begin reading the article. At the end are links to related articles. You keep in reading. Then there is another link, and so on. Next thing you know it's 5:00. Wow, what a perfect day. Just think of all the things you just learned that you can now discuss with your co-workers.

Other than Time Waster Number 1, work can be really a productive place to get things done!
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