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Using A Blog To Market On The Internet

Aug 17, 2007
The internet is full of ways to make money. The marketing possibilities are endless. You have search engine optimization, social media optimization, eBay, and literally hundreds of other options. Choosing the right method for marketing can be difficult simply because there are so many options.

Blogging has been thought of primarily as a low-end method for making money with the internet. The psychology behind this classification is simple - the entrance requirements for blogging are very low. Blogging is free to anyone that is smart enough to fill out a form and read some instructions. An estimated 70-100 millions blogs are out there and I would agree that most of them don't make a lot of money.

A fact that is quite interesting to me is how much top blogs are able to produce with minimal effort. Could it be that the low-end blog provides the highest leverage of all the types on internet marketing? I would argue that yes, it does.

Instead of relying on search engine traffic alone, good blogs develop a group of daily readers. These readers can be leveraged for link building purposes and can also be used again and again to make money. The traffic possibilities for good blogs are simply much higher than that of traditional sites due to their residual nature. Visitors keep coming back because they get used to the posting schedule of the blog they've learned to enjoy.

Optimizing blogs for search engines can be much easier than optimizing for traditional sites. Links are generated automatically when blogs ping, and readers tend to link to articles and posts that they enjoy. These links will always lead to an increase in search engine hits.

Once a blogger or business has gained a loyal readership, it is fairly simple to make money. There are many options available for bloggers. Contextual advertising models like Adsense and Yahoo Publishing are available, and direct ad sales are very common. Bloggers can also take advantage of a new wave of advertising that pays them to post articles about certain topics.

Advertisers can hire bloggers to create buzz about their products. Top blogs can earn as much as $1,000 for a single post. In this advertising model, blogs are ranked against each other to determine which ones are worth the most. Brokers use stats such as Alexa ranking and Google PageRank to determine a value of what a post would be worth. Bloggers can better their rankings to become more valuable to advertisers.

For businesses that are interested in creating a high-traffic website, a company blog would be an outstanding option. The possible traffic leverage is outstanding as soon as a blog develops a small following. Once the traffic is there, it's easy to create income.
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