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Targeted Web Site Traffic Should Be Your Main Focus

Aug 17, 2007
Reaching your targeted web site traffic audience is a science. There is no such thing as guaranteed traffic, but there are many ways you can encourage traffic to your site.

You want to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your site. These people will spend time on your site and potentially buy. No matter what you are selling, that product is going to have a specific audience you want to reach, and by finding them, you are applying targeted web site traffic strategies.

Some people are of the opinion that if the people visiting your site aren't specifically aimed traffic, then they are more of a liability than an asset. That's because they use your bandwidth when they browse, which you have to pay for.

If there's no payoff for that site hosting fee every month, then you are simply paying to have a site up for people who don't care and are just browsing around. Who wants more web site traffic like that? If you are going to go to the trouble of increasing your traffic, you want it to be increased with people who want what you're selling.

By now, you're probably fed up with hearing the term "keywords" -- but without the right keywords in your content, no one will find your site. Although keywords won't give you guaranteed website traffic, using keywords correctly by inserting them in your titles, headers, and content is the simplest way to get more web site traffic.

Keywords help people find your site because those words are what people enter into their search engines when looking for something they want. If you know the keywords your target audience will be using, you can design your site to reach that particular target.

Getting targeted web site traffic also requires that you have a focused site. There is no source of guaranteed traffic, but the best thing you can do is to ensure that you have a good, focused site.

If someone is looking for a science fiction story, the person is going to look for it on a science fiction web site, not stuck at the bottom of a web site about fishing gear, owned by a person who just happens to have a science fiction story lying around. If you want to sell sports equipment, you open a sporting goods store, right?

If you want to get into selling something else as well, then you open a store for that -- or else put all your energy into the sporting goods store. Stay focused. Keep your web site focused. That is the only way to get and keep more web site traffic of the type you want.
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