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Reasons That Keep Affiliates From Succeeding Online

Aug 17, 2007
Many are drawn into the business of affiliate marketing and for good reason. It can be a very good way to make money online. Unfortunately most who decide to get into the business end up failing.

Success in affiliate marketing largely depends on how well one can promote and advertise. To become one of the best in the business known as a superaffiliate one has to be creative and find new and effective methods to make sales and earn commissions.

What sets internet marketing apart from traditional advertising is that it is low cost and low risk. Online you can fail for free or very low expense depending on your choice of advertising methods which is not possible in a brick and mortar business.

The first reason keeping people from succeeding is that many buy into the idea that it is real easy to make money online and no hard work is needed. That perception made in part by gurus in the industry using their sales page hype is very wrong.

To give a good example of the work involved just writing this article you are reading takes me a good hour of hard work and concentration. Most making the big money doing this put in long hours and view it just like a job.

Another reason is lack of planning. Many are eager to jump in. That can ve a costly mistake especially if paid advertising such as Google adwords is used. One must do a lot of research to find the right product to promote in the right niche. It is important to also learn how to use the different forms of advertising available to be able to profitably drive traffic and earn commissions.

Planning is also needed to create a good web page that will be profitable. If one decided to use blogs or other hosted content management systems it is relatively straight forward. Only content and links need to be put in place for a turnkey option like a blog. If one chooses to have a traditional website however there is many more considerations. There is domain names, hosting, design and content.

Many affiliates also start off well but get discouraged and quit or lose interest when the profits don't roll in quickly. Just like any other venture it takes time to build up an online business and success will not happen overnight.

Finally it is important to keep learning about new developments and methods. Failing to keep up with new trends can also keep one from succeeding with their affiliate business. Since the internet is rapidly evolving certain marketing methods that work well today can suddenly lose their profitability or even quit working completely.

A good example of that is the use of Google adwords. Three years ago many were using adwords to make good incomes sending traffic to direct hoplinks. Since there was not much competition the cost per click was low and profiting from adwords was easy.

Increased competition then forced up click costs and affiliates had to learn to adapt and use new strategies or were forced out. Next came the Google slap where sending traffic to hoplinks and certain sites that Google didn't like were penalized and hit with very high minimum keyword bids. Again marketers using adwords had to learn and change with the times or were forced out.

So in summary affiliates who are prepared to work hard, do the right planning, are determined and will not quit and are willing to learn and adapt to changes are most likely to go on to build a profitable business for the long term.
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