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Your Online Success Depends On Targeted Website Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Targeted website traffic is by no means a guessing game. It is an exact science that takes time and effort to get right. The only way to get more website traffic is to reach the audience you designed your website after.

Your site might be pretty and interesting, but the information is useless unless the information is useful to the person reading it. For example: when you browse a book at Amazon.com, you see a list of other books people have bought in that same category. From that list, you might decide to buy again -- you've just been targeted.

Targeted website traffic by no means guarantees traffic. Targeting only increases your chances of hitting the right audience. You don't want to randomly lure people to your site and hope for the best. That's a waste of time.

Randomly luring people is the difference between displaying magazines for people to leaf through or snagging a loyal customer who returns to buy each month.

One good way to get targeted website traffic is to use keywords. Think of the person you want on your site. When he or she is looking up something on the internet, the person uses particular words to do that, right?

If they need fuzzy dice to hang from their rearview window, they will type certain things into the search engine in order to find those fuzzy dice.

This is where psychology comes into play. Do they type in -fuzzy dice,- -car dice,- -hanging dice,- -rearview mirror dice,- fuzzy car dice,- or none of the above? What if they can't spell right and type -fuzy dice-?

What if they don't know whether -rearview- is supposed to be one word or two? You want the money from the -rear view mirror dice- people just as much as you want the others. Keywords are all about improving your odds.

So what else are you selling along with your fuzzy hanging rearview mirror car dice? You can't get targeted website traffic if you don't know who you're targeting, so figure out just what kind of site you have.

Should car dice should be sold at a car accessories site, a weird gifts site, or a kitsch site? They should be sold on a site that has other merchandise that will appeal to the fuzzy dice people-like fuzzy steering wheel covers, or even animal print clothing, if it's a retro shop. That approach will get you more website traffic.

Nobody can give you guaranteed traffic. Internet traffic is like the stock market -- you can make predictions, but you can't always know for sure whether the risk will pay off.

However, that doesn't mean that you can't significantly improve your odds of getting more website traffic by going after targeted website traffic. Go after the people who want what you have and, believe me, you will see some results.
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