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Aug 17, 2007
Social book marking refers to a process by which people of common interest network on the internet to further their interests and subjects. This is achieved by setting up a common web page. This web page has links to various resources directly on the internet.

For instance, if the subject is related to astronomy, the social bookmarking will be supported by a group of scientists and amateurs interested in the same subject. The blog will feature exclusive and shared information relating to astronomy. There will also be some images on astronomy on the blog. It will also have links to popular and professional websites relating to astronomy. There will also be cross postings on the blog page.

If there is an entry on the blog page on the subject, the comments and responses to it will follow in weeks to come. These comments and responses will be automatically posted on the blog page. To enable people sharing common interest to look for similar individuals, there are social bookmarking engines. They are no different from the search engines.

A majority of the popular search engines now have a separate search option for blogs. They include Google, Yahoo! MSN and Lycos. All these search engines have extensive network of bloggers. Log on to any of these search engines and look for the social bookmarking options. The internet search options also double as the social bookmarking engine search.

Key in the word of the subject that you are looking for in the search option. It will throw hundreds of web pages relating to the subject. Social bookmarking engines are now an integral component of any popular website. Even private websites have links to social bookmarking engines. One way of keeping these social bookmarking engines in the loop is by retaining the URL of the link.

These social book marking engines are updated on a regular basis to keep track of the developments among the blogger community. So make sure that you keep track of the developments on the social bookmarking engine. Bloggers can also remain in the loop of a social bookmarking engine by looping it to their personal blog.

It not only increases the number of visitors to the blog, but will also enable optimum functionality. Also, social bookmarking is gaining prominence as more and more advertisers are seeking the services of bloggers to spread information relating to the new products. In fact, advertising through blogging is playing a significant role these days. There have been instances when companies launch their products on the blogs before reaching out to the customers in the traditional route.
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