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Take Your Job Pursuit To The BANK--Your Personal Asset Bank

Aug 17, 2007
Conducting a successful job pursuit means taking advantage of every possible asset that can assist you.

In fact, building a Personal Asset Bank that you can withdraw from during your job pursuit is critical to your success. This bank is a compilation of all the many assets you bring to the table.

Take a look at yourself and your work history through the eyes of a prospective employer. It helps you objectify your credentials. Because, if they don't make sense to a prospective employer, they DON'T MAKE SENSE . . . no matter how thrilling they are to you.

Fortunately you have plenty of marketable personal assets that will attract an employer's attention. In particular there are three categories of marketable assets that make up your Personal Asset Bank. They can help you make a favorable impression.

1. Qualifying experiences: you have what it takes to do the job

2. Bridge skills: you have the smarts to move forward and take on new assignments, even ones you haven't had direct experience with before

3. Workstyle values: you possess an inner value system that guarantees energy and commitment.

Start by reviewing the various work situations you've been in. Without reference to your resume, jot down a list of memorable work experiences. Be sure to include volunteer work, military service, internships, summer employment, etc. Then, ask yourself the question, "What did I learn from this experience that would be helpful to my next employer."

Pull out the many marketable assets you derived from your work situations using the three categories above. Distill each list until you have the key marketable assets and strengths that make up the image of you you're going to project.

Remember, a serious job pursuit starts with a clear-eyed understanding of what you've got going for you. We call it your Personal Asset Bank. It's made up of all your Qualifying and Bridge Skills as well as your Workstyle Values.

Your Personal Asset Bank is a ready source of focused marketable information about you that you must be prepared to assertively point out to prospective employers. It's what they want to hear rather than a dull recitation of your work history.

So, putting together a free job search means focusing on what you have going for you and then projecting your new image assertively. The reason this is so important is because employers are precisely looking for these assets--whether they ask about them or not. It's up to you to promote your own job pursuit!
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