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What They Don't Advertise About Music Downloading Services: Napster vs. Rhapsody

Aug 17, 2007
Both Napster and Rhapsody have a large selection of songs. Both music downloading services offer downloads for a flat monthly rate. While they may seem similar on the surface, there are some critical differences to be found when comparing music downloading services. In this article, we'll take a look into Napster and Rhapsody's fine print to determine which of these music downloading services is the best buy.

Compare music downloading services: Limitations

The most common complain among Rhapsody users is the poor quality of .wma files and the sluggish download time. On the other hand, Napster users commonly complain about the limited selection in comparison to Rhapsody; ironic considering that Napster was once the go-to source for all music downloads. Furthermore, those who have tried Napster say that the interface is a bit cumbersome.

And here's the clincher:

Rhapsody only allows for downloads of .wma files, not MP3s. If you were to read the verbiage on Rhapsody's site too quickly, you may think that you can download MP3s, but that's not the case. If you're using Rhapsody and want MP3's, you've got to burn your songs to a disc and then convert them to MP3.

Compare music services: Streaming Music

Maybe you don't want to deal with downloads. Maybe you just want to have the ability to listen to music from your computer. Rhapsody offers radio stations' that allow you to listen to streaming music from artists that are similar in style to those that you have already shown and interest in. The radio stations are a great way to discover new music. They also give you access to music that isn't yet available for download due to licensing rights.

While Napster also has a radio stations feature, it's not as intuitive as Rhapsody's. Your station only plays music from your current inventory, meaning that you won't be exposed to new artists and don't have access to music that is not yet available for download.

Choosing between music downloading services

The right choice in music downloading services most likely will depend on how and where you prefer to listen to your music. If you prefer downloading songs to your MP3 player, you might prefer Napster for its easy MP3 downloads. However, if you mainly listen to music on your computer and like discovering new artists and new music, you might really enjoy Rhapsody and its unique radio station feature.
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