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Principles for Getting Everything You Want In Your Infopreneur Business

Aug 17, 2007
There are 3 drivers of your online infopreneur business - your philosophy, your purpose and your process.


Philosophy is about mindset. And there are as many different ones as there are business owners.

Some flit and fleet from one experiment to another, hopping around in a constant, never-ending quest for that elusive 'big one'. The cost of starting a business in the 'real world' keeps this number small. But on the Internet, where the 'cost of entry' is dirt cheap, this is a malaise that affects close to 95% of home businesses.

A few 'lucky' folks outgrow this phase of 'constant change' and after some casual flings, finally hit upon a 'winner' and settle down to milk their cash-cow.

And then you have the 'cherry picker'. This savvy business-person experiments with different approaches - and is smart enough to find the elements of each that work well. Armed with enough such information, this infopreneur is now in the advantageous position of owning industry 'best practices' which can be implemented in a consistent fashion to guarantee reasonable success in anything.

Rare indeed is the small group of strategic business owners who go about their task with a single-minded devotion backed by rich experience and knowledge. These experts choose wisely, stick with their choice, work on steadily growing and improving it. Of course, to do this well, you must make sure the choice you make in the first place is the right one.

The big question, then, becomes "Why not become strategic yourself?"

The short answer: "Because it is NOT easy"

This comes more naturally to someone who has owned and operated a successful offline business. It requires a certain level of expert knowledge, earned often after a series of smaller mistakes. It makes mandatory a considerable amount of research and investigation to find that perfect 'niche' in the marketplace. It involves focused effort and often a modest financial investment to build the business in a structured, scalable fashion.

And once that's done, it takes some ongoing involvement to position it for quick, even explosive growth, and be based on 'automated' systems that make it possible for the owner to step away from the business and yet have it hum along smoothly.

Your Purpose

PURPOSE is all about your 'reason why'. It is the fuel that drives the engine of all other business activity. It is the axle around which the wheel revolves. It is your consuming, inspiring, motivating 'Why' - whatever it might be.

For many home business owners and infopreneurs, it is based around either 'escape from pain' (getting out of the 9-to-5 grind, or avoiding an intolerable boor who happens to be your boss) or a 'search for gain' (an extra bit of income, small comforts, a better lifestyle with perks).

A few dream bigger. They aim to achieve wealth through building a roaring infopreneur business right from the beginning. The approach they take to their online business is more aggressive, pro-active, intensive.

Time, money and effort are viewed as investments rather than expenses. Acquiring knowledge and tapping into others' expertise are considered business-building essentials rather than frivolous luxuries.

Within this group is a sub-group of business owners who play the 'build, grow and sell' game - and do it well. The essential difference in attitude between these people and the rest is the emphasis placed on 'systems'.

These business owners meticulously strive to keep their personality out of the way of their business functions - so they do NOT become an irreplaceable part of the system. In turn, this makes the business easier to flip and sell to new owners - often at huge profits.

Again, the difference lies in your underlying strategy - or lack of it.

Does your infopreneur business have a formal plan? Has your growth been structured, organized, consistent? Is your business scalable, replicable, saleable? If you answered "No", there's time to make a change!

Your Process

PROCESS is the step by step approach to making that change. It is identifying your ideal business model, and your strengths and competitive advantages, then integrating them into the 'best fit' model which is unique to YOU.

No one model is 'better' or 'perfect'. Each one has success stories. And each model has followers who failed miserably trying to get it to work for them.

The reasons for that are multiple. You have a unique personality. Your risk tolerance is different from others. You have skills, training, experience that sets you apart from every other business owner in the world.

Your resources - time, money, assistants - are not the same as other business owners. Your willingness to experiment, your ability to make swift, effective changes and adaptations, your 'teachability' all define how well - or not - you will do in going after one of the 3 models.

So, in a nutshell, that's the core of being a successful infopreneur. And this is relatively scarce information that I haven't seen discussed so explicitly anywhere else - even on multi-thousand dollar courses, seminars, ebooks, reports and other learning material over the years!
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