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The Best Dressed Bird May Get The Worm

Aug 17, 2007
We have often heard it said the early bird gets the worm; however in terms of finding employment we should probably ask, "What was it wearing?" Whether you are going on a job interview for a coffee stand at the mall or applying for a career in professional management, how you dress will have a lot to do with whether or not you get the job. Even in today's expectation of "business casual" there are certain things every job applicant must understand before they end up in the office of a human resource director.

Modesty matters

The number-one complaint human resources directors have about women coming in for appointment interviews is inappropriate attire. Low-cut or see-through blouses, small skirts or unusually high heels should not be worn to an interview or even when asking for an application. While men usually aren't cited as culprits for wearing immodest clothing they still need to make sure they were a clean shirt with a tie and slacks. Showing up with jeans and a T-shirt will not impress anyone. Remember, before they look at your resume they are going to look at you.

Conservative counts

The best rule of thumb in deciding what to wear to an interview is to pick something that appears more conservative and professional. Even if you are applying at a retail store where the clerks were trendy products or khakis and polos you should attend the interview in attire that is more business-oriented. While many people choose and wear their clothing is an expression of the personality, a job interview is not the place for a novelty tie with Scooby Doo on it or a bright green wraparound skirt made of chiffon and lace. Neutral colors and pressed clothing show a future employer that you are neat, organized and understand the dynamics of a workplace. There will be plenty of chances to express yourself after hours and away from work.

Personal pluses

Along with wearing proper clothing interviewees should also make sure their personal appearance and hygiene meet professional standards. Make sure your hair is washed and clean and in a style inviting to the workplace. Wear clothing to cover any tattoos or body art you may have (unless you are going to work in a tattoo parlor) and remove any facial piercings other than earrings. If you choose to wear earrings they should be small and not distract from your overall appearance. Avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne as that can be a problem on the job for people who work in enclosed offices. Overall an interviewee should smell clean and look neat.

We are taught as small children that we should never judge a book by it's cover. When it comes to going on a job interview the cover is the first thing the employer will see and whether we like it or not, judgments will be made. Make sure your future employer gets to see the best of you before they get to know the rest of you.
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