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How To Generate 40 MLM Leads A Day

Aug 17, 2007
The internet can be a tricky place.

If you've ever tried to generate your own leads online for your MLM or home business, you've no doubt found yourself dishing out obscene amounts of money, or just flat out confused.

And that's ok. The important thing is that you're here now, and still willing to find out what works. So lets dive in...

I'm going to walk you through the process I use to bring 40-60 quality prospects to me on a daily basis.
Now I'm going to try and explain this process as best I can in the short period we have together, but my advice would be- that you find a mentor that has the results and knowledge you're looking for.

Ok, so let's begin...

*First, you need to determine your purpose for generating your leads. (Your current opportunity, your own bio page, an affiliate product, your own newsletter, etc.)

*Second, you need to design and put up a lead capture page that's relevant to your offer. (This is a one page website that offers free information in exchange for your prospects information.)

Your capture page may be put up by you or you may use one from a system another leader provides. For example, I put up my own capture pages but also offer my team a few different capture pages with built in email autoresponders that are already set up for them.

Oh, by the way, don't EVER use a capture page provided by your MLM or network marketing company. They don't work!

After they opt-in to your capture page, they are re-directed to the website of your choice. This can be your personal website, your opportunity overview, or some generic "how-to" information.

*Third, you need to decide which advertising tools you wish to use. (Google adwords, ezine ads, articles, press releases, other pay-per-click sources, etc.) -I use all of them.

After you have settled on a advertising medium you are comfortable with, it's time to place your ads.

Your ads will contain a link to your lead capture page, which is where you will drive the traffic to. As your ads run, and traffic flows to your website, your leads will start to come in!

*Fourth, as your leads come in, they will be added to your email autoresponder. It is your job to maintain your email autoresponder messages to build an ongoing relationship with your prospects.

Your emails should be following up with your prospects every two to three days. (at least once per week) As you build ongoing relationships with your list of prospects, they will begin calling you! Pretty neat huh?

*Fifth, monitor your traffic sources to see what advertising methods are paying off.

*Sixth, tend to your list regularly. Your list is only of any value if they know, trust, and respect you.

*Seventh, repeat this process.

Utilizing this process over and over will bring you hundreds of new leads every month or even every week. How hard is your business when your prospects call you to join? ...Child's play right?

But I must warn you...Knowing exactly where to place these ads, how to write them, and what to put on your capture page, is vital! These elements will determine your ability to succeed!

To describe the importance of your ability to write persuasive copy...I personally spent 5 - 10k on training for this subject alone. So invest in yourself or learn from someone that has.

Other than that, just be ready, you will experience difficulties, frustrations, and even failures along your learning curve. So hang in there. The results will be well worth it!

If you want to avoid 90% of the learning curve, and hit the ground running, find someone who's already done it, and learn from them!
About the Author
David Schwind is a professional marketer and home business owner. To learn more about David and how he can help you, visit- http://www.WhoIsDavidSchwind.com where you can request his free 7-Day Email Series.
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