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Putting the Net Into Your Network Marketing Business

Aug 17, 2007
Many network marketers get into the business for a reason. Ask them what that reason is and you will get several different answers. Truth be told, it wasn't to make some 'extra money' or 'to have something to do'.

Sure the money looks great and that is a draw, but the real reason is a hidden one that newcomers to the Internet marketing arena don't even realize themselves. That reason is the trappings of the promise of magnificent riches and glory. It's the big houses, big fancy cars and enough money to do whatever you want to do at any time. We all want that now, don't we?

This isn't a bad thing except that there is a BIG misgiving about Internet marketing that newcomers need to realize.

Every program or system alive today on the Internet promises great riches with little work. THAT is the biggest failing point for new Internet marketers.

Do not confuse "simple" with "easy". They are two different things altogether that need to be separated. The Internet has made things simpler but building your network is not going to be easy. It will take some effort on your part and will also require patience. In other words, it takes time.

Before the internet age, networkers have gotten really experienced at running their promotions offline, but when they start to put the Internet into their network marketing business, their business fumble.

In the opposite end, I have seen network marketers who sucks at offline recruiting but are able to recruit hundreds and thousands of members once they tapped onto the power of the internet.

In order to succeed online, network marketer needs to use the versatility of the Internet to take their promotion to new levels. There are so many ways to do this that it's actually staggering.

There are literally hundreds of methods available to you.

The best thing you could do is to do some research and pick out three or four lead generating strategies that suit you and your business. Stick to it for as long as you can and concentrate on making your marketing work online.

Frequently check your stats and conversion rate and figure out ways to improve it. Never think that marketing online is just a one time effect. In order to take your business into the virtual world of the Internet and make it succeed. You need to constantly improve on your marketing channel and twitch your conversion level.

Since the Internet is constantly changing and there is a plethora of information to look at, it can be overwhelming. Don't be overcome by the amount of information.

On the contrary, be enthused by it because somewhere in there is something that will work for you. That is a guaranteed fact. You just need to find your niche and capitalize on it.

If there were one piece of advice worth giving, it would be to simply hang in there and keep trying. Try out several different methods of using the Internet in your marketing. By putting the Internet into your network marketing business, you may remain in the 5% mentioned above and find levels of success you never dreamed of.
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