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Making Use Of Private Label Content

Aug 17, 2007
Products with private label rights are not cheap. A lot of people however still get excited about owning PLR content. Depending on the kind of PLR content you have and the way you use the content, you may be able to earn a lot.

Buying and Selling

The most obvious way to earn from PLR content is to sell them as your products. If you want to get into this kind of arrangement, you might as well settle on PLR content with branding rights. A contract that specifies branding rights will let you brand the product as your own. You may also attach resell rights or give away rights and you may even be allowed to sell the product on an auction. You may not however be allowed to give your buyers branding and private label rights. If you have your own self-made product however, you may charge your buyers a fee if they want to insert their brands in the form of links on your product.

If your contract specifies that you have unrestricted PLR however, you may do whatever you want with your PLR products. You can sell them as individual products or as part of a package. One other simple way to use unrestricted PLR products is to give them away as bonus items or incentives for people who will buy a major product from you. These are simple ways of making use of PLR content. There are better ways to profit from PLR.

Breaking Up PLR Content

You can break PLR content into different parts. You can have for example a one-week or seven day information series. You can make use of this by making an offer to potential buyers that they can refuse. On your website, you can offer people free and useful information on your niche topic if they give you their names and e-mail addresses. You can then use an auto responder to send your information series to the people on your e-mail list for seven days. Your free information should of course, contain references to the product you are selling. People might find your seven-day series so useful and informative that they will decide to go back to your site and buy your main product.

For this arrangement you can buy and use PLR content with only personal use rights attached to it. Just as with branding rights however, personal use PLR content may have restrictions. You may not for example be allowed to resell or offer your personal use only PLR as a bonus product.

Article Directories

You can also submit PLR content to article directories, but you have to modify them at least 80% to make the content unique and be acceptable to these directories. Directories can work in two great ways for you. Readers may find your content so good that they will click on your back link to your website. On your web site, these visitors might end up buying some products or clicking on your ads. Search engines also usually frequent article directories and may catch your original content.

Selling Some More

PLR content can be used in up-selling. You can flash a thank you message to a buyer who has bought a product from you. On your thank you page, you can then offer to sell another package filled with PLR content for a bargain price.

Blog Posts

Blogs can be used in connection with PLR content to increase your sales. Blogs are a great marketing strategy since people usually prefer to read blogs rather than common website information. This is because blogs have a personal, harmless touch to them. You can simply cut and paste original PLR content on your blog and wait for search engines to crawl over your content. Search engines prefer a lot of content and will give your content-rich blog a higher rank. People who access your blog may like it very much and decide to check your main website, click on your ads or provide you with their e-mail addresses.
Web Content

Most importantly, PLR content can be used as original content on your website as long as you make an effort to rewrite it completely. Reworking PLR articles and publishing them as content on your websites is much easier than writing your web pages from scratch. You do not need unrestricted PLR content for this. Personal use PLR content will be enough just as long as you use it for web content only.
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