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Getting Listed The Waiting Game of SEO

Aug 17, 2007
Getting your site listed for the right keywords takes lots of hard work and time.
We have all done the research, wrote the right page content, submitted our site to the search engines, placed the right meta tags in the pages and waited to see if our hard work has paid off.

It has been over a month and we are starting to see some results, although not where we would want to rank, we are getting listed and that is more than before. So we adjust our title, description, and content tags and wait.

Now a second month has past and now we are seeing significant placement on some of our more targeted search terms. Not Bad. Again, we look at our competition and where they are and when they were last indexed by the engines taking notes on any improvements they have made to their sites since the last update. Oh, I found some more areas that could use some extra care and SEO.

Now that I have my site well optimized, it's time to get fresh content onto the site. It's time to write a few articles emphasizing my expertise in search engine optimization. This allows me to add fresh content and to also place quality keywords relevant to my website through the web page.

Now I resubmit to the search engines alerting them that I once again have new content to index. Another month goes by and the more generic terms are showing significant placement.

Success, I have optimized my web site for great results.

The key is to continue adding great content, watching your competition, and keeping the search engines aware of your every update.

Make you self aware of any change in trends in your industry and inform your customers about the trends. They will come back for more and so will the major search engines.

Who knows you will probably enjoy learning more about your industry as you keep your website update to date with fresh new website content.

Remember to be patient, eventually Google we make a major site update like it does every three to four months. It updates you back link info, your site information, and your meta tag info. Most other search engines follow the score that Google will give you. Follow the plan and when these updates come it's payday for most who do the right things and follow the SEO Code of Ethics.
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