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To Land Your Dream Job - Tell Your Friends, And More!

Aug 17, 2007
Knowing what you want for your career is very important. Not only from the career point of view, but you will enjoy the whole experience of chasing and achieving your goal. So, it's vital to get off to a good start.

Yet when you're working solo, it can seem like there is a great deal to do. Leads to follow up, research to do and above everything, your life has to continue to function - which is a full time job on it's own.

Land Your Dream Job - Get Your Mates Onside!

When you have a lot of ground to cover, there is a bunch of people you can call in to help you. We all know hundreds, if not thousands of people . Acquaintances; friends; colleagues.

People from school, college and 'that art class you took last June'... Family, teachers; even old flames.

Hundreds and probably thousands of people are in your social network! So there are all these people who are people you know and are ready and waiting to be your ambassadors in your searching.

Chances are that your team of willing volunteers will, somewhere along the way, know someone you need to get to in your search for the job you want. There's a contact you know already who will know someone who can get you the dream job you want.

To Land Your Dream Job You Need To Ask The Right Questions

Bringing your team together, onside for you as you seek your dream job requires a special series of tactics. You need to work out what your supporters want from you first, before you can get from them what you need - those valuable contacts they already know for you, or the people they can enlist as well.

You will need to build a relationship with every one of those people - and build it fast, especially if you aren't close to them.

To do this, you will need to show them that you find them and their situation very interesting. By asking them questions that show how interested in them you are.

As you do this, you will find that naturally they will warm to you and want to know more about you too - and then you can ask for their help in your quest. It's as simple as that.

People want to be liked. They want to help, because naturally, as they help, they get liked more! So, you can readily have your army of supporters, helping you land your dream job, making it much easier.
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