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Concession Equipment Perfect for Your Concession Stand

Aug 17, 2007
Concession equipment is the most important investment when outfitting your concession stand. These stands are some of the best fundraisers available today. Concession stands are big money makers for baseball fields and other sporting event locations.

As the person in charge of outfitting a concession stand, you will want to make sure you purchase the best restaurant quality kitchen equipment you possibly can within the budget you are given. You want to ensure that the kitchen equipment you purchase today will last through years of use and abuse by volunteers and employees. By purchasing high-end, quality items, you help to assure the items will be useful for a long time to come which makes them a good investment for the purchasing organization.

The first step in outfitting your stand is to know how large the space will be. With this information, you can map out on a sheet of paper where you want the various pieces of equipment to be located. From this map you will begin to develop your list of equipment you would like to purchase.

While making your concession stand design map you will want to take into consideration space for the larger kitchen appliances such as a stove, oven, popcorn popper, drink dispenser, ice maker, cotton candy machine, etc.

In addition to the large equipment, you will also need to preserve enough space for the workers. The workers need to be able to move around and function in the stand without walking into kitchen equipment or walking into each other. Keeping this in mind will help you plan out your stand with the maximum organization, which will in turn help you bring in the maximum profits.

Once you have mapped out your design, you will want to look at each appliance and decide what equipment you will need to go with it. For instance, a stove will require pots and pans as well as stirring spoons and potholders. Take a look at each appliance on your list and make a list of each of the complementary items you will need to consider purchasing.

Once you are armed with your list of kitchen appliances you need, and a list of the items you will need to use them, you want to locate businesses who sell concession, kitchen, and restaurant equipment. Most stores who sell restaurant equipment also sell concession stand equipment. This is where you will begin your search for the equipment on your list.

When you begin to shop, consider which models perform the best over time and which you should avoid. Don't forget to buy only those features you need. You don't want to sink money into an appliance with lots of extra features that you will not be using. Compare prices to your budget for the project. Of course, you will want to buy the best you can afford.

Outfitting a concession stand can seem like a daunting task; however, done correctly, it will improve efficiency and will help you earn the most profits.
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