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The Common Habit Among Salesmen That Can Destroy Their Careers

Aug 17, 2007
"As a salesman, my boss evaluates my performance based on the number of sales and the amount of money I make (mainly the latter). How can I perform my job for God's glory and without letting the money run my life?"

This is a great question that a friend recently asked me. In sales, you're often torn between two masters -- your boss and your customers. It's a difficult place to be. While your customers aren't technically your "master," try staying in your job without them. If you don't please them, they'll go somewhere else, and you won't meet your goals.

But if you don't please your boss by meeting or exceeding your goals, then you'll be out of a job. So what do you do?

When you're evaluated based on how much money you bring into the company, there's a very strong temptation to choose between these two masters. Of course, the easiest one to serve is usually your boss. After all, you have to work with your boss on a daily basis.

The trouble with this decision is that it may cause you to do something unethical and/or immoral to get your customers' money.

What's the solution? First, you have to remember that your only master is God. Your boss has some authority over you -- but not outside of God's authority. And you can serve only one master (Matthew 6:24). Therefore, every decision you make must have this as its goal -- pleasing God. And we know that unethical and immoral decisions (and actions) don't please God.

Once you understand that God is your master and you are to please Him, then you have to ask yourself this question: Am I willing to sin (displease God) to get what I want? Your answer, obviously, should be "no."

It's far more pleasing to God if you put your own job in jeopardy by doing what's right than if you harm your customers just to meet your goal. And, practically speaking, the latter may have some short-term advantages. But long term, it will cause a lot more damage to you and your company.

So the answer to the question, then, is to make sure your focus isn't on the money. Put your focus on pleasing God by pleasing your customers. In most situations, you'll also please your boss with ample sales and cash flow. But if not, at least your Master will be pleased with your actions.
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