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Is Google Planning Another Page Rank Update?

Aug 17, 2007
Those of you that pay attention to the Google Page Rank are still waiting for another Google update. It's been almost 90 days since the last Google update and word around the web is that Google should be doing another mass update in August.

Many of you built new sites in the beginning of 2007 and still have no Google page rank after all the hard work you put into building out quality back links, optimizing and adding new pages, and every other tedious detail involved with properly optimizing your site for the engines.

Well the word is that the wait is almost over. Google will be updating all its servers and handing out grades in the near future. All the speculation about what will work and won't work for the best results in your sites placement are about to show themselves.

Will your Google page rank go up or down on the next massive Google update? That all depends on the effort you have put into your site adding quality content, back links, and tightening up your keywords for placement.

Have you checked every page of importance to see if it has been optimized for placement? Can you get to all of your pages that have been optimized for Google from your home page? Do you have a quality site map? Do you have descriptive alt tags for your pictures?

These issues once addressed can either help or hurt your placement in the next Google update. If you miss the boat this round don't worry, you still get updates every ten to twenty days when Google crawls your site but you won't get a new website score until Google does another mass update.

Google should be starting to collect all the data it needs to make its changes and score everyone on their websites ability to give their clients what they need when they come to your site. This process is very tedious, so you may see your page rank go up and down for different pages on your site until the process is complete. Don't worry, when all the servers have your completed data you will see your new results that will last until the next major update that should occur sometime in December.

Write articles like this one and submit them to all the major article directories for further exposure of your website. Use keyword content that describes the nature of your website and will enhance the score that Google, Yahoo, and MSN will give you.

Have fun follow the right practices and remember the site should be for your customers first and the search engines second.
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