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How To Handle Network Marketing Roadblocks

Aug 17, 2007
Here is something that you do not hear to often, network marketing is a profession. It takes effort for you to achieve any success. It takes time to see any results. Doctors and lawyers need years of training before starting, but network marketers can achieve success within their first year with focus and consistent action.

Ask yourself, why you are looking to get involved in a network marketing program? Your answer to this simple question will determine how far you go and how successful your home business becomes more than any other reason. If your reason is powerful enough than every challenge you face is when your why, which is your reason to succeed, will give you the determination to keep going and persevere.

What motivates people to get involved in network marketing?

Fact #1. The majority of people are not happy with their current employment.

Fact #2. The majority of people are not happy with their income or the amount of free time that they have.

Fact #3. The majority of people spend more time at work then with their families.

Fact #4. The majority of families still struggle even with two incomes.

Fact #5. The majority of children under 3 years of age spend most of their time in child care.

Fact #6. The majority of people get laid off before they can retire.

What are some of the road blocks that you may face when you join a network marketing company?

1. How to recruit new members without spending a fortune. Research. Only join a company once you know that they will offer resources, such as a website, literature, and other marketing tools to help you find members without spending allot of money. Expect allot of help from your sponsor. Determine before joining whether your upline sponsor is actively working with their downline by providing marketing tools and by just being available to answer questions.

TIP: Keep in touch with everyone that you personally sponsor. Do this by email or phone. Try to keep them all active. If they are not active, then do not waste your time on someone who just is not interested.

2. The newness of network marketing concepts and terms may be overwhelming at first. Spend time learning about the network marketing business as well as the company that you are going to join. The best way to combat confusion is with knowledge.

TIP: Learn all you can about network marketing. Do your research and find a company that you feel passionate about, and before you know it you will have earned your financial freedom.

3. No upline support. When a person joins a new program they need a lot of help to get started.

TIP: What should you look for in a sponsor? You must understand that there are sponsors and then there are recruiters. A recruiter is only interested in getting as many people as possible in their downline. A real sponsor understands why people join their team and they help them to achieve a long term plan through focus and commitment.

4. Going from one network marketing program to the next. Find a good company, establish a plan, set goals and then work it until you make progress. To often people do not give a program enough time to work, they move from one thing to another looking for that quick success.

5. Generating leads. Everyone needs good leads to contact to help build their business. There are many ways to get leads online without having to pester your friends and family.

TIP: Do not spend allot of money and time on a marketing method that is not working. Test. Find out what works and what does not. When it works, stay with it!

6. Choosing a company that is not financially sound and well established. You must feel good about the company and the products you will be promoting.

TIP: Concentrate and understand the business itself and know the money making potential as well as how the company pays.

7. It takes time! Any business takes time to get started and turn a profit, the same can be said for any network marketing company.

TIP: It can take several months, if not longer for much of anything to start happening. You must find leads, get members and give your team a chance to grow!. Set in your mind that you are going to not give up for at least one year.

8. What happens if your company suddenly gets into trouble and is no more? Anything can happen, so be prepared. Never keep all your eggs in one basket.

TIP: Try and build your first level as soon as you can. Then your income will cover the costs of your membership. This may take a little effort, but with online marketing, it can be done. Once you show your first level how to do the same, you will be earning a decent income and can move on to another opportunity. Remember that joining a bunch of companies with out building a good, solid team first will only lead to failure.

One last TIP: Stick to the methods that work best for you! If it works, then just keep doing it.

With the help of your upline and some savvy internet marketing techniques you can recruit new prospects without spending a fortune. Do a lot of research, discover what works for you, and then teach your downline. Within no time not only will you be successful but so will your team!

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli
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Joe Rispoli has been involved with Network Marketing for over 10 years. He has a system of duplication in place that works just as well with one person as with a thousand. Find out what the true power of network marketing is all about with The Berry Tree Home Business Opportunity.
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