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Are Team Building Events Effective For Large Groups?

Aug 17, 2007
Sometimes you are faced with organising team building events for large numbers and by large numbers we mean groups of one hundred delegates plus. The question is, will any team building event be effective when you are trying to involve and engage every delegate at your conference or event?

The simple answer is yes, it can be very effective, in fact with large numbers the results can be absolutely extraordinary. If you can imagine a conference room filled with five hundred delegates and each and every delegate is taking part, the energy is going to be visible in the air, the power of your message, if delivered correctly is going to be superb!

The key to team building events for large groups is choosing the right activity. Think about your venue, does it have grounds for an outdoor team activity? Does it have syndicate rooms if the activity needs them? Think about the conference room itself, what style of meeting are you having is it theatre style where the space may be restricted or is it cabaret where the room is much larger?

Think about the noise that your group may generate while hosting the event, ask your venue if noise will be a problem. Talk to the team building company and get a real idea of the implications this may have for the venue, the last thing you want on the day is the venue asking you to stop because it's too noisy!

You need to consider the time of year that you are planning your event for, in the summer it may be good to look at team building events that are based outdoors but in the winter you may want to keep your delegates dry and warm and stick to indoor activities.

How long do you want the activity to last? Is it a short burst of energy after lunch or is it a three hour event that you are looking to host? What are your objectives? Is it to show a 'one company' united front or is it to break your large group down into smaller sections so people work more closely together with each other?

Large groups can actually make for extremely cost effective team building events, it really doesn't need to cost a fortune. Think about how much of your conference budget you want to spend on this element and remember, this could be one of the most powerful elements of your day, so don't undersell it either!

As we've mentioned team building events for large groups can be spectacular, they can have such a positive impact and become the lynchpin to your conferences message but as with team events for smaller numbers, you need to have careful planning and realistic objectives of what you can achieve within your event.
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Shaun Parker has been at the forefront of the team building events for years. For more information visit http://www.accolade-corporate-events.com
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