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Infopreneur Profits Checklist

Aug 17, 2007
Experienced infopreneurs claim it is easy to create and sell information products and build content-rich websites that earn multiple streams of income. At the same time, beginners often find themselves spinning their wheels, getting increasingly frustrated as the dream fades and slips away.

It doesn't have to be so hard. Here's a little checklist to see if you are moving in the right direction as an infopreneur.

Judging by the way I've seen most beginners seek their way through the confusion on their way to set up a business on the Internet, the 'conventional' approach is to start by researching a market and finding a need.

Once the need has been identified, the infopreneur tries to create a solution, build a sales process, generate leads for the product or service and convert enough of them into buyers or customers. Then, the twin growth 'strategies' of getting more customers and selling them more stuff kicks in, growing the business sky-high.

Incidentally, this is also the way I got started years ago. You've probably heard, read or seen many people advocate this approach. And they are not wrong. Only, they leave out critical components. They probably rationalize that too much 'discordant information' served up at the beginning will scare away too many eager starters from ever entering the race.

But personally, I think that's a mistake. Why paint building an infopreneuring business on the Internet as a simple thing even a child can do easily - when the reality is different? While not quite rocket science, setting up a home business online is a definite, structured, sometimes difficult process.

It most certainly is not an impulsive, spur of the moment thing to conceive, plan, build and grow a business (even one on the Internet) to success! Business consultant and strategist Jay Abraham teaches something simple - yet powerfully effective. He asks:

"Why run your online activities as a hobby when, with a little planning, directed effort and strategic implementation, you can run it as a real business - and earn many times more from it, while working less and having
more fun?"

So, ask yourself these five critical questions all over again...

Are You Picking The Right Model?

I hate to sound like an M.B.A., but the best way is to formally assess your strengths and weaknesses - and identify your suitability to a particular approach.

Do You Believe You Will Succeed?

Success is primarily a mindset. Once you believe you can succeed, you certainly will. And it's easier to believe when your business is built around your strengths - rather than when you set sail in uncharted waters, feeling your way through, not knowing exactly what you're doing.

Have You Selected A Hot Market?

Finding a niche is important. Finding one that's aligned to your strengths is critical. Identifying a market's need is essential. Finding one you can solve based upon your own (or your team's) strengths is vital.

Do You Have A Clear Goal or Target?

Always begin with your end in mind. Unless you have your purpose clearly defined, your process is not going to help you much. It is worth spending time, effort, even money, to identify these critical drivers of your long-term business success - before you even start doing anything else like niche research or market surveys.

After all, as one wise man said, "If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?"

Are You Taking Focused, Sustained Action?

The best laid plans will be worth nothing unless they are backed by steady, planned, sequential action. Chart out a blueprint and then go through the steps one after the other, knocking down each block and moving towards your goals.

If you have defined, clearly and in explicit detail, why you are getting into building an online infopreneur business and what you expect to do with it once you're up and running, then go about the individual steps with a focus, passion and dedication others will not be able to easily match, you'll discover that infopreneuring is easily the best online marketing model.

It is challenging. It is exhausting. It is fun.

So don't let the thought of how forbidding, scary and huge the task seems scare you off. Break it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks so you can pick apart the business-building elements, tackle them one at a time, all the while knowing that what you are working on will ultimately fit together seamlessly into an integrated whole that pulls everything together.
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