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How To Market Online With Safe Lists

Aug 17, 2007
Marketing online plays a huge part in any business, and if your not getting the amount of traffic you need then you could potentially be missing out on thousands of dollars. I am here today to show you how to effectively use safe list so you can expand your advertising market and reach new people.

If you have no idea what a safe list is then let me explain it to you. A safe list is a place that you agree to have other people send you emails in order for you to be able to send other people emails back. So in away your just agree to email each other only you will be able to email thousands of people at the click of a button.

The first think you must know is that with safe list advertising you will get a ton of emails. You can easily expect to get anywhere from one hundred to over one thousands emails per day. So its very important you setup two junk email accounts. I would recommend using Google Gmail for this.

Now you might be wondering how people will see your message if they are getting so many emails. The answer to that is simple. When posting to safe list there are a few rules you must follow to get the best results. Following these rules will greatly increase your results you receive from safe list advertising.

Rule 1 Your subject line plays a huge part. Having a good subject line will lead to your email being opened over other headlines that just do not stand out. Your headline needs to stand out and catch peoples attention.

Rule 2 The time of day you post also plays a big part in the kind of results you will get. Some people like to post at night others like the morning, and some might even prefer around dinnertime. I always post my ads late at night before I got to bed. Ive tested a number of different times during the day and night as always comes out on top.

Rule 3 Should you have a short ad or a long ad? I find that it does not really matter if you write a short ad or long ad. However if you do write a long ad you should use your website URL a number of times throughout your ad body. This greatly increases the amount of people who will click on your link.

Following these rules and guidelines I have been able to effectively use safe list as a great advertising source.
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