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How To Make Prospects Join Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
Working from home in today's internet age is more competitive than ever.

If You're to win in today's online world, you have to do something other than sell your company or opportunity. You've got to sell yourself!

See, like it or not, people want to work with leaders. More than any company, opportunity, product, or comp plan, people really just want an honest outgoing person that can show them the ropes.

They want someone who can provide them with the results they're looking for, and someone that has a genuine interest in their ability to succeed.

The best way to become that person is to increase your knowledge and skills when it comes to building a home business.

How, you ask? You learn skills other people don't know or are unwilling to learn themselves.

You don't need to become an expert at everything, just pick your own nitch. For instance, you just need to have something to offer your prospects.

This could be anywhere from knowing how to advertise on google, to lead generation in general, to talking to prospects on the phone, to writing ads, etc. It doesn't matter. It can even just be your willingness to help them if... (Which gets me to my next topic)

What if I'm not an expert at anything?

The answer to that question would be to leverage the success of successful team. Join a team with a group of leaders, and a team with a proven marketing system.

Because, people will join you for two reasons and two reasons only...

1.) You are a leader that they believe can help them.

2.) You have a proven marketing system that they feel they can benefit from.

That's it! If your part of a dud team or you don't have any special skills to offer, you are dead in the water!

The good news: you can change both of those elements.

If you're not on a winning team of top income earners, go find one and join them. If you don't possess any unique skills, buy a few courses and learn them.

It's because of the fact that I've spent THOUSANDS on books, courses, training, and seminars that people contact me to join my business.

I call my prospects once simply to introduce myself and make sure they have my information. After that, the ball's in their court.

I don't chase anyone. If someone wants to work with me, they have to CALL ME. And it's all because I took the time to invest in myself.

Is it a little work? Of course. Is it well worth it? You bet.

Because, in the end, people don't join a business - they join you!
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David Schwind is a professional marketer and home business owner. To learn more about David and how he can help you, visit- http://www.WhoIsDavidSchwind.com where you can request his free 7-Day Email Series.
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