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Job Hunting Program Hit The Wall? Maybe You're Trapped By The 10 Success Killers!

Aug 17, 2007
Look. Any job hunting program is tough enough without success killers. But if you're inadvertently practicing them, your job search success is dead in the water!

Here's why.

First, sticking to fundamental business principles is the basis for a successful job hunt. In short, you have to run your job hunting program like a small business.

Secondly, old-fashioned methods that require seeming unending mailings and postings of resumes doesn't get it anymore. It can take weeks or months to achieve mediocre results.

And thirdly, if you let your guard down and give into depression when things don't go your way, it's like giving up. You job hunting program goals will never be reached.

I recently came across an article about success by Larry Thompson, a Hollywood producer. It struck me as a fabulous piece of job hunting program advice.

Thompson reports that, in his experience, there are 10 success killers. As I read about them it occurred to me that they apply to job search success, as well. That's because one of the key insights into employment search success follows the same rules as business success.

Here are the success killers you should avoid:

1. Comparing yourself to someone else.

2. Not facing your fears.

3. Leaving a job undone.

4. Feeling sorry for yourself.

5. Failing to speak assertively.

6. Dressing inappropriately.

7. Saying you hate computers.

8. Not taking advantage of advice from family, friends and mentors.

9. Saying "I can't."

10. Having more regrets than dreams.

No one said finding a job is easy. However, most job hunters suffer from lack of results. It's usually because they've taken the wrong approach. They can't achieve fast and lucrative results by using last century methods.

When you stick to basic business principles you understand that marketing yourself is key to successfully communicating what you have going for you. But beyond that, like any good marketing strategist will tell you, you have to be prepare to respond to your customer's (your prospective employer's) needs.

Check over that list of success killers one more time. Make sure you're not falling into a trap that can put a serious crimp in your job hunting program.

Then take a look at job search strategies that can snap you right out of the trap and get you on the road to early success. When you have a roadmap that, step-by-step propels you toward a realizable goal, you won't have time for any of the success killers!
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