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MLM Success - Stop Listening To The Wrong People

Aug 17, 2007
Dealing with negative people isn't uncommon no matter what you do for a living. However, when you're starting your network marketing, MLM or home based business there are bound to be tons of negative comments.

"Oh that'll never work for you", "Don't you know that's a scam", "You're wasting your time and money". I'm sure you've probably heard all these already and if you haven't you will. There are a few reasons people (as a whole) are so negative about network marketing. I'm going to lay them out for you so you'll know what to expect or how to deal with the negative people in your life and you won't let them effect your success.

Most of us have had people tell us that we can't succeed all of our lives. "Why would you want to try out for cheerleading your not _____ enough?" You can fill in the blank with smart or pretty or perky or thin or whatever you want to fill in the blank with! You'll never do that or why do you even want to try, we've all heard those exact words or similar phrases all of our lives. Unfortunately those words have stopped many of us from accomplishing goals that were within our reach.

The scams. Let's be honest here. Yes, there are scams out there. Yes, they will take your money and promise you all kinds of things and they won't deliver those things. However, there are also a lot of really great businesses out there. Check a company out before you join. How many years have they been around? Scams don't stay in business for long. Finding a business that's been around for several years is a pretty good indication that it's a solid honest company. If you know someone who's been mislead by a company or scammed they could be especially negative about your home business. Don't let other peoples bad experiences mess up your chance for success. If you know you've got a solid company you have nothing to worry about.

Past failures. Friends and family who have been a part of other network marketing companies and failed can also be negative. Ask yourself this question though. Why did they fail? Was it because they chose a bad company? Or was it because they didn't put any effort into it. Signing up for a network marketing business and not working it is insane. Sadly, I see people do it all the time! There isn't a business out there (that's a real business) that requires no work. It also requires time. "Well I tried that thing for a couple of months and it never worked for me". Two or three months is nowhere near enough time to invest in a business to see any real results. Get rich quick schemes never work, ever! Everything takes time and energy and if you're not ready to invest both of those then you're not ready to start your own business. Again, just because someone you know had a negative experience in the past doesn't mean yours is going to be negative too. It's all up to you!

Limited mindset. There are so many people out there who just refuse to step outside the box and realize that there is more to life than punching a clock. For some people the idea of owning your own business or playing by your own rules is just absurd. I'm not going to change it and you're not going to change it. For some people the idea of living an extraordinary life is just too far out there and will never seem real. It doesn't mean that these people are bad or that they don't have your best interest at heart but listen to me, don't listen to them!! It's as simple as that. It may sound harsh and I promise you I am not saying this to be mean, but listening to broke people about how to make a fortune is insanity! Please don't make the mistake of letting someone take the wind out of your sails before they even know anything about your business.

Let's face it. Negative people are always gonna be there. But knowing how to deal with them will make all the difference. Don't get angry with them. Just keep on lovin' them and know that at the end of the day they'll see the results of your hard work. Trust me when that happens, they'll come around!

"Oh, you're going on a cruise, do you need somebody to carry your bags"?
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Scott Miller quit listening to the wrong people a long time ago. He is happy to have succeeded in MLM and he would love to help you live a better life. You can download 5 FREE CD's from his website even if you think MLM is a dirty word! http://www.getoutnow.com
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