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Search Engine Optimization: Is It As Important As It Seems?

Aug 17, 2007
Search engine optimization is a big deal to today Internet marketing experts. And, providing accurate and valuable content is a big deal to the major search engines. Therefore, SEO experts have developed this list of tricks for making the search engines recognize and value your site.

- Find out what keywords your competitors are optimizing for. Find out what keywords your competitors are using on their pages with the Keyword Density Checker. It will tell you what keywords they consider most important and could tip you off to some good ones that you hadn't thought of.

- Use the robots.txt file properly. A robots.txt file can be used to prevent the search engine spiders from indexing certain pages on your site. For example if you have a download page for your product, you would not want it to be indexed and displayed in the search results. You can learn more about creating a robots.txt file or check an existing robots.txt file.

- Design your pages with customers in mind. Sites should never be designed only for search engines. Once a customer arrives, your pages have to be designed in such a way as to convert him or her into a customer. If they land on your page and cannot make sense of it because it's designed for search engine spiders instead of real people, you're not going to be any further ahead. And as the search engine spiders become more advanced, they're learning how to spot pages that are useless to customers.

- Register your site for longer than one year at a time. There is some evidence that the search engines, particularly Google, give more weight to sites that have a URL that is registered for longer than one year. The reasoning behind this is that if you own a legitimate site you will plan to be in business indefinitely. Whereas spammers tend to use domains for a few months only and then move on to a new one.

- Use keywords in your anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text displayed for links - and it's more important to your search engine rankings than you might think. Every time the search engines find a link pointing to your site it counts as a "vote" that someone considers your site good enough to share it with their own visitors. If your keywords are included in that anchor text, the search engines assume your site must be related to that topic and your site relevancy for those keywords increases a little. The more links you have with keyword rich anchor text, the more important the search engines consider your site. The most important sites make the top 10.

The new buzzword among site developers is optimization. And with good reason. Unlike the past when only the appearance of keywords mattered, search engines now rank pages based upon many different factors. As you can see from the information presented above, you can help to get your site seen by the search engines with just a small investment of your time.
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