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3 Surefire Ways To Create Your Very Own Hot Prospects For ANY Business

Aug 17, 2007
You probably know by now that an ongoing stream of highly qualified prospects is the life blood of any business venture. Whatever industry you're in, your rolodex is one of the most important parts of your success. Without a list of contacts, your business will wither and die. It's for this reason that most people are asked to make a list when they begin their business enterprise. Your initial list will include people you know, but this initial list has to grow exponentially. As long as you're in business to make a profit, your rolodex must be consistently growing. There are several ways to build a list. Here are 3 surefire ones.

One of the very best ways to create your very own hot prospects is by writing articles. Articles are viral in nature. When you write and submit an article, it gets picked up by Ezine publishers and webmasters. They use the content of your article, with the resource box displaying your information intact. The resource box is where you brag about yourself and include your website address. When people find and read your articles they go to your website. You can then capture your visitors' information using a web page. If you don't want to write any articles, then you can use a ghost writer. Ghost writers do all the work and put your name on it. You pay them a small fee and the article is yours.

You can also create hot prospects for your business by hosting a free teleseminar. When you host a teleseminar, invite a guest speaker to answer questions. Before you set up a teleseminar, you need to promote the web page advertising the seminar. Invite as may people as you can and ask others to bring friends and business associates to the seminar. Drive traffic to your seminar web page so that anyone who wants to attend will register. Be knowledgeable about the seminar topic but you don't have to be an expert at it. By doing this, you get really good prospects for your business.

A free eBook will help bring highly targeted prospects to you. Many people are hungry for information on a variety of topics. A little research will show you what type of information people are searching for. Simple "how to" eBooks will offer people something of great value and also bring you targeted leads. It's a win-win situation. Your eBook doesn't have to be formal. It should be simple for the reader to understand. Normally it would do as just a PDF file. Once again, in order for your prospects to gain access to the eBook, they have to go through your web page.

If you use these strategies in a consistent manner, you'll generate a continuous stream of very hot prospects for your business. These people will regard you as an expert because of the great information you provided them. Now go out there and get it done.
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