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Stop Throwing Your Money Away You Idiot

Aug 17, 2007
Why is it time after time I see people just throwing their money away? Heck if you just want to spend your hard earned money you make on complete junk why not just give it to me so I can invest it or something and turn it into a bigger profit? I have come to realize people talk a big game, but can never back it up when it counts.

What do I mean by this? Well everyone who starts a home based business says they are tired of the scams, and do not want to buy into the hype and fancy cars and houses. However time after time people still do it. Why? Well I guess people just cant seem to get enough of seeing other peoples success online and they want it so bad they will do anything to get it even if it means spending there last ounce of money to get it.

Then people wonder why the fail, and they become to believe every home based business is just one big scam out to get their money, or the person who signed them up to the business is a crook and took their money. My answer to that then is, stop throwing your money away you idiot. I do not want to seem to so mean here but seriously what does it take, and how many times does it take for people to realize what is real and what is not real?

Here is what you will need to succeed in an online business. If they do not offer it then walk away no matter what they say, or what you see. Just because someone else is making money does not mean you will.

Do your homework. Go out and study the business your looking to join. Read reviews find people who are already it in and call them on the phone ask hard questions, and see what they say. Most importantly though ask if they will train you, support you, and above all help you when you need it. If not then guess what. You just threw your money away once again.

Here is another helpful tip. Stay away from the cheap programs. They are nothing but complete junk. Sure one may actually be worth the money from time to time but more then likely they are not worth your money. A recent study has shown that is takes just as much effort to convince someone to buy something for $50 as it would $1,000. So why make so little when you could be easily making more money? It just does not make sense to me. So I will say it one more time. Stay away from the cheap little programs.
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