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Aug 17, 2007
The PPC campaign seems quite easy to set up, but actually it is full of the small details, which you have to know. It is also a kind of the black and white system, you either know it or you do not.

That means that you cannot succeed with the PPC campaign, if you have not studied the technique to plan it. Because in the PPC campaign the details matter, you have to go them through detail by detail.

The target of this PPC campaign article is to tell some working hints, how you can get more visitors and pay less. But especially how you can plan the campaign right. You see, Google will reward the smart guys but punish the stupid ones.

The reward means a profitable PPC campaign with low costs and the punishment the bad results with high costs.

Here I will give you an overview of the PPC campaign planning and one useful link in the author box to the best tools the Internet offers.

1. The Keywords Of The PPC Campaign.

The whole idea of the PPC campaigning is based on the keywords, because the keywords will take your ads to the right search engine result pages and bring the targeted and motivated traffic.

Most of the internet marketing doers, who fail, have not the needed expertise to select the right, low cost keywords. Maybe they choose too few, maybe they choose the wrong ones.

The PPC campaign keyword picking is a technique and to learn that, you need some guidance and some tools. Otherwise everything happens by accident, and I do not believe in accidents. The success must be planned!

Because the AdWords sells adspace by the real time auction, the advertiser sees also on real time, what is the price of each keyword and a specific placement.

To be able to pick the most profitable ones, like typos and keywords in brackets at that very moment, an internet marketing site owner has to use a special software. These special keywords can be the most successful ones to make money on the internet, because the software can find them on real time.

The big amount of low cost keywords can very often be the working solution for the good PPC campaign.

2. The AdCopy Is Important To The Results.

The Google AdWords ad has only under 100 letters in use. That is a real art of the details. Every letter, capital letter, the order of words, the order of sentences will matter. So it is important to go through some techniques to be able to react the PPC campaign results and improve the ad if necessary.

The major job of the adcopy is of course to make the reader to click the link of the landing page, make him enthusiastic and sure that he wants more right now.

3. The Landing Page Of The PPC Campaign Makes The Visitor To Act.

The PPC advertising works in that way, that you will pay only, when somebody clicks your link. It is fair. Think about the amount of decisions, the visitor has done before the click: he has typed in the keyword into the search engine search bar, landed the result page, found your ad and clicked the link. Now what? Is this all?

Now it is the showtime! The first impression is very important, the feeling your visitor gets will determine a lot. Whether he will proceed through your page or whether he will surf away. Everything happens in seconds, so you have to get his email and name to target the internet marketing messages to him later.

Okay, you are lucky because we have so many tested methods to do that. The best way is to give a visitor a gift, a free ebook or an income course. After he has given his email, he concentrates on the page.

Again, the impresssion must be done in two seconds, your page must catch his interest by the headline or graphic and promise him the benefit, he will get, if he buys, what you offer.

There is the important three points, which you must do right to be able to run the PPC campaign successfully. They are details, a technique, which you can learn. Just Do It!
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