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Google Page Rank Makes Website Popular

Aug 17, 2007
Google page rank does not really make sense to me and so many others on the Internet. I know that there are many web site designers and creators that actually like the Google page rank unlike me. This is most likely for only one reason, they are at the top of all Google's searches. So if you are at top of the Google searches then who would not like Google's page rank.

I basically hate seeing really not so interesting web sites at the top of searches when sometimes they do not have any relevance at all. It is very easy for web site builders to track Google bots into believing that the keywords actually go with the web site. However, most the time you find web sites that have nothing to do with what you're searching for but it is easy to drive traffic to your web site with this technique. A lot of times the keywords that are used in their tags are put at the bottom of every blog posting but the color of the text is the same of that of the background so that the people reading or searching through the blog cannot actually see it. What happens though, is that Google picks it up as if it has relevance to the keywords in the tags.

Another way to get easy points so that you have a good page rank is to submit articles to an article software submitter. this creates thousands of back back links to your web site easy and very cheap. Google absolutely loves back links and this is one of the simple ways to bring traffic and a good page rank to your web site. There are many other ways to get back links but submitting an article to hundreds of article directories is an easy way to go.

Some of the other ways includes linking other web sites and blogs on your own web site. You may also want to post in forums and post comments on other blogs. This will not only give you back links, but might drive traffic to your web site because they hate or like what you are saying. Make sure you do not spam on blogs or forums as this will only give you a bad reputation. A good thing to do is write out a helpful comment.

Those are just some of the things that you may do to help drive traffic to your web site but remember that you were just another one of those top-ranked guys that knows how to run the system. Really, it doesn't matter considering that's how you become successful in anything. Getting a good Google page rank might not always be the best way but it is how you live and die on the Internet.
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William is 24 years old and has a four year degree in journalism. He writes for many different blogs including Tattour, Anything and Everything, and Internet Celebrity Files. His main website is http://alltopicsinc.blogspot.com/
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