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The Do's and Don'ts Of Search Engine Optimization

Aug 17, 2007
It is important to build up on your customer base. Try these search engine optimization techniques to get your site seen when it matters the most, when your potential customers are all looking for you.

- Never stuff your site with keywords. In the past, stuffing your website text with the same keywords over and over again was one of the best ways to get a good ranking. But times have changed! If you use this technique nowadays your site may be considered spam by the search engines and banned from the results entirely. If this happens, your site will not show up on the results pages at all. Don't risk it!

- Include a DTD statement. A Document Type Definition (DTD) statement is the first line of most web page and is designed to tell website browser's what version of HTML the page uses. An example DTD statement is "". Although there is no concrete evidence, some people have reported that not having a DTD statement at the beginning of your HTML may prevent new sites from getting anything other than the homepage indexed. It's a good idea to ensure that every page of your site has one.

- Add more content, no matter what the focus of your site is. Even if you sell a product, you can benefit from including lots of related content on your site. Not only do the search engines love it but you'll also create a more useful resource for potential customers and get links from others who enjoyed your site. A few ways to add relevant content are to publish product reviews, include detailed descriptions of your products, allow customers to post their comments/reviews, write instructions on how to use your products or write related articles that help educate people on your industry.

As you write your content, input the relevant keyword phrases into your article, press release or any other type of content material. Input those keyword phrases at least three or four times into your content. This helps in the way "search engine robots" find your site.

Take a few minutes to think about how the tips above can help you to increase the value of your website to potential customers. For one thing, when you implement these simple techniques your site will almost immediately become more visible to the search engines. Best of all, there is no cost for this optimization other than a bit of your time.
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