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Success is Focused Hard Work

Aug 17, 2007
The biggest problem that jumps out at me in the internet marketing industry is the lack of hard workers. I believe many are so attracted to the thought of easy money, or passive income, that they think all they have to do is throw up a PPC campaign and retire rich this week.

Either that or many are just flat out lazy and not willing to work for their dreams. It is unfortunate really. You see, hard work is a prerequisite for success and achievement.

I have not met a millionaire who does not work hard. Often times, millionaires work 16 hour days. They believe in working hard to reap the rewards.

In this industry, many do not work hard and actually think they can make it by not working hard. Many think they can throw some money at something, snap their fingers and make a killing. There is no free lunch.

Success does require work. Although many products out there are carefully constructed to sell you on the thought that their products are that magic button that will bring you lazy riches, is not accurate.

While most internet marketers are out there thinking lazy riches, realize that your dreams and goals are just on the other side of hard work. This will allow you to pass them up and achieve faster results.

In fact, if you decide to work extremely hard, you will find much more success, luck, happiness and results at a much faster pace than others could only dream about.

This is called cause and effect. The more you cause the more effect you will have. Right now, top marketers are working hard. They are planning, organizing, scheduling, following up, making phone calls, outsourcing, negotiating, etc.

Right now, successful marketers are working hard. They are leaving the rest of lazy marketers in the dust. You see, most of the "lazy marketers" have full time jobs and work those jobs 40+ hours per week. They get home and might spend a few hours on the computer and only about 20 minutes actually taking any real action or work.

Others are working hard, late into the night, and on weekends. Those people are pushing hard and believe they can quit their jobs and do internet marketing full time.

The hard workers are paying the price. And, the results will come. Their dreams and goals will come true because they are working hard.

If you wanted the magic button answer or bullet rather it does not exist but hard work does. Just think, all you have to do is work real hard, and you will be able to achieve your goals.

Working hard does not mean being distracted or surfing the net or wasting time. It means working on the things that will make you money. Therefore success is focused hard work.
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Sean Burton is an excelling marketer who is showing many that online
success is not a myth but a reality. Just doing the basics is not enough you have to take action, the right action in order to succeed. http://www.rightchange4u.com/success-online/
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