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Starting a Nursing Career with LPN Jobs

Aug 17, 2007
For those of you who wish to enter into the extremely lucrative nursing career, there could be no better start than to begin with an LPN job. LPNs are licensed practical nurses, also known as LVNs, licensed vocational nurses. These nurses are those who have completed one year of their master's degree in nursing. At this stage, they become qualified to become LPNs, but they have still more to study in order to become registered nurses. In this way, LPN jobs can be considered as trainee nursing jobs, and in verity, these jobs are looked upon as a starting ground for someone who wishes to enter into a full-fledged nursing career.

Being a trainee job of sorts, LPNs have to work under supervision of registered nurses or nurse managers. Sometimes, doctors could also give direct orders to LPNs. LPNs can report about their duties to any of these superiors.

The best part of an LPN job is that one gets to learn so much. This is the only nursing profession in which there is a direct contact with the patients to the fullest extent. LPNs are responsible for several aspects of the patient's treatment process, right from the stage at which vital signs are taken and diagnostic tests are made, till the recuperation after surgery and discharge procedure. LPNs are responsible for feeding the patients and preparing them for their surgeries. They have to maintain all the dietary regimen of the patients prior to their surgeries, and also, in some cases, mentally prepare the patients.

There are other small duties around the healthcare facility that LPNs have to perform. They can administer injections and enemas, and even provide massages to patients who need them. In case of patients with minor wounds and injuries, LPNs can take care of the entire healing procedure.

Despite being a job at the trainee nursing level, the pay scale for LPNs is quite good. At an average, an LPN earns $32,000, which is at par with several other of the nursing professions. Also, licensed practical nurses can study further, and when they become registered nurses, their salaries will show tremendous increases.

There is a lot of range in the environment where LPN jobs can be obtained. They can get employment in any medical service facility, ranging from small healthcare institutions to hospitals. There is also a very good scope of LPNs getting contracted jobs to look after patients in their homes. If an LPN is lucky enough to get such a job, it means a much higher pay, though there will be a bound contract for some length of time with an understanding of duties.

It is extremely worthwhile - taking both money and job satisfaction into account - training to be a nurse. But it is better to seek LPN jobs when one is on the way of becoming a registered nurse.
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