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Aug 17, 2007
True search engine traffic is organic search traffic, the search must be one that the searcher initiated as a search, either by clicking a search link in a directory style portal or by filling out a search query box. What is put into those boxes or links is called keywords.

To improve search engine traffic for your keyword(s), like I said, is your goal. The better you are ranked for your keyword(s) the better your business results will be. This requires careful keyword planning, proper website optimization techniques, as well as intelligent link building through not-so sophisticated SEO techniques and other search engine marketing strategies.

Remember that the best search engine traffic is only generated through careful attention to keywords, links, and advertising where necessary. Also placing your main keyword in the URL of your web presence will also increase you traffic. This is not because search engines pay particularly more attention to an URL with keywords, but because people often just paste an URL into comments, blog posts and forums where they are automatically linked by the software.

This is how to generate search engine traffic through link building.

Link building is a critical component of SEO that impacts PR and positioning in SERP as well as link popularity. Remember, the higher your link popularity, the higher your page rank will be; and the higher your page rank is, the higher your position in the search engine results will be, growing your website's search engine traffic.

Link Building Services (ethical strategies to generate qualified traffic and improve your rankings). One service I do recommend is Agents of Value. They are an outsourcing company whom you can higher your own personal link builder. You must train them but for about 600 dollars a month is a steal for a full time employee.

Some general advice on link building: Produce good quality content, link out to other related and trusted websites, and get good quality related/trusted places to link to you, get your links within the content of the webpage.

It seems that nearly 100% of the people you run across in forums and seo articles act like in order to get indexed by Google within 24 hours is some miracle feat that can only be accomplished by doing some top seo secret, marketing tactic or advanced seo optimization strategy.

Simply not so with a keyword targeted article. Just find your niche keyword or phrase that has traffic but low competition, write the article and submit to a directory of at least PR4 or greater.

Very important, to get one way links to your site is by submitting articles to article directories like an e-zine directory or article marketer. Make sure that the articles you will submit to the article directories are unique. Duplicate articles will not be published.

When you have submitted articles to these article directories you can place a link to resource box pointing to your website. The effects of such articles go beyond the links themselves, since the internet is operated by people and managed by computers and programs. Your articles are read by both and must appeal to both.
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