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Start A Home Business Selling Items On Ebay

Aug 17, 2007
Pretty much everyone has items within their home, garage or storage shed that they don't want or need anymore. We all would like to get rid of the "stuff" we've accumulated over the years, but we would also like to make some money from it in the process. You would be surprised at the items you have around the house that you can resell on ebay.

Have you considered this as a home business? Many people sell unwanted items on eBay: the most popular internet auction website. Some clever entrepreneurs have even started a business selling other people's items on eBay. If you have e-bay know-how, you are guaranteed to find plenty of people with stuff to sell which you could get a commission for selling it on ebay in their behalf. Being the neighborhood ebay garage sale specialist would definitely spread around town fast. People love convenience. You, without a doubt, would have plenty of callers willing to share a commission with you if you can find a buyer for that old juke box in the garage or anything else people just don't have time to get rid of themselves.

How does one start a business selling their stuff on eBay?

Set up an account with eBay. The site will help you step-by-step with how to do this. Then, begin by selling some small items you have lying around. Each time you buy or sell on eBay, you build your ranking within the eBay community and you become more trustworthy to potential buyers. Of course, you will be challenged to handle dissatisfied customers but who doesn't.

Once you get the hang of selling on eBay, you can research which items are popular and how much they're going for and build from that.

Does it cost a lot to startup a business like this?

No. Besides the items to sell, you only need access to a computer with an internet connection and a digital camera to take pictures of the items you are selling. If you already have access to these things, it won't cost you anything. That's the appeal of ebay: the world's largest garage sale.

When selling your items on eBay, you incorporate the shipping costs into the selling price, so even that won't come out of your pocket.

Do you need a lot of skills to do this?

Auction sellers who take the time to write good product descriptions and take many photographs sell more products than those who do not. You'll also develop research skills as you learn your way around eBay and dig into other auctions to find ideas for items that sell well and command a good price. Beyond that, it's pretty simple to get going.

Once you have gotten some experience selling your stuff on eBay, you could start checking out garage sales, flea markets, etc. Some items could be picked up cheaply and sold on eBay for a nice little profit.

And finally, you can look into wholesale sources for items to sell or delve into the arena of drop shipping.
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