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Easy Steps To Earn Money With Podcasting

Aug 17, 2007
It is becoming increasingly vital to use new technologies if you want to retain your credibility and remain as a major player in your niche. Last year, thousands of websites started to use online videos, both as a means of entertainment and to sell their products and services. This year podcasts have become increasingly popular.

Many internet marketers have realized the powerful potential of using podcasts as a marketing tool. And, now, many of those same marketers are turning podcasts into a money making venture.

Before you learn what steps you must take to start earning money with podcasting, you should have an idea of exactly how you can make money with the podcasts you produce. Among the ways you can make money podcasting, include:

Just like radio has advertisements to help fund a radio station, you too may want to consider offering advertisers airtime to advertise their products and services during your podcasts.

You can sell advertisements on your Web site for those advertisers who prefer print ads over airtime.

Once you have a base of steady podcast listeners, you may want to consider offering a free and a paid version of your podcasts. The paid version could be paid like a subscription fee. Your listeners will receive an extended version of the podcast compared to those who simply stick with the free offer.

The opportunities for making money with podcasts really are endless if you're creative and forward thinking. Once you know which avenues you're going to pursue to make money with your podcasts, you're ready to get your podcasting efforts off the ground.

The first thing you must do is decide what content your podcast is going to contain. Obviously you'll want to produce podcasts that will be helpful and attractive to your target market. Prepare an outline for your podcasts, detailing exactly what you want to cover on each individual podcast.

Once you've outlined your podcast, rehearse it until you feel comfortable with the content. Ideally, your podcast will sound as though you're having a one-way conversation with your listeners. When you're ready, record the podcast. To record a podcast, all you need are two tools, an MP3 player and a headset that has a microphone.

After you record the podcast, you'll be ready to introduce it to the world. The key to a successful podcast is to market it, just as you would market any other product or service.

The best way to ensure your listeners always receive your podcast as soon as it's been released is to offer them the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds. That way, each time you release a new podcast, your listeners will immediately be informed that a new podcast is available for them.
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