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Search Engine Optimization: Just How Effective Can It Get?

Aug 17, 2007
Now that you've owned a website, how you are ranked against the other sites ain determining whether or not Internet users find your site? The Internet is a vast sea of information, so to make your site stand out you can try these valuable tips:

- Never use doorway pages. A page made specifically to rank well in the search engines for particular keywords is known as a "doorway page". This serves as an entry point through which visitors pass to the main content. Doorway pages are easy to identify because they have obviously been designed primarily for search engines, not for human beings. For this reason, the engines consider them spam and will ban sites that are caught using this technique.

- Get links from relevant sites. The search engines are becoming more sophisticated at reading and understanding what a site is about. And they are using this capability to look for natural linking relationships between sites. If a site selling "baby blankets" links to a "parenting information" site it will be seen more favorably because the two cover similar topics. Whereas a link from a "baby blankets" site to one selling "lawnmowers" is most likely only an attempt to improve a site's link popularity.
Work on ranking for longer keyword phrases that contain shorter phrases. Using a multi word phrase is much more effective than using single keywords, because when you use several words, the search engines will look at each individual word and each possible combination of words.

For example, when you use the phrase "website copywriting techniques", the search engines will look at each word and your page will be considered for "website copywriting" and "copywriting techniques" in addition to the full keyword phrase "website copywriting techniques".

- Make your site attractive to searchers. There has been a lot of speculation lately that the search engines are now ranking sites higher if they are popular with searchers. Since the engines can easily track the number of clicks that a site gets, it makes sense that they would work this into their algorithms. After all, including the most relevant results is their main goal and if a site is popular it stands to reason that it is relevant. Improve your site's popularity by getting as many click throughs as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to write a good description that encourages searchers to click. Most search engines use what you put in your "title tag" and "meta description" tag so you do have some control over what searchers see. Use this as an opportunity to write something interesting and click worthy!

You now hold the key to getting your site seen! The major search engines work hard to bring their users sites that contain relevant content and links. So, why should you not work hard to do the same? When you use the tips above, you are helping to make the Internet a better place and in the process you will improve the way that search engines rank your site.
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