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Online Marketing Strategies: How To Play Your Way Through On The Internet

Aug 17, 2007
No matter what previous business knowledge you have or what your skills are online, there are money making opportunities that will work for you... as long as you are willing to learn and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes.

Use the following tips to get started and you'll soon be on your way to success:

- Have a professional looking web site. You would think this goes without saying. Yet a lot of people still get started by putting together a horrible looking site that makes them look unprofessional. Website templates are so cheap nowadays (you can get a professional one for less than $50 and there are lots of great looking ones for around $30) that there is no excuse. If you don't know how to add your content to the template and find a freelancer who can do it for you. Overall you'll spend less than $100 and you'll start your online business making a great first impression.

- Make it a goal to see progress in your business every day. It is always easier to put things off until tomorrow. We convince ourselves that we have lots of time to get things done so there is no point in rushing. But what usually happens is that months go by and there is no actual progress made. Don't let this happen to you! Make it a goal to see some progress in your business every day. This could be at least one new mailing list subscriber, one new joint venture partner, the completion of a product or anything else that will take your business a step closer to success.

- Spend time working on your conversion rate. The average website has a conversion rate between 1% and 2%. That means that 98% - 99% of everyone who visits your site leaves without taking action. That's a huge number of potential customers that have walked away and may never be seen again. Spend some time studying what others in your industry are doing and try implementing some of their ideas on your site. Track everything and see what improves your conversion rate. Over time you will gradually increase the percentage of visitors who buy.

- Don't skimp on the sales copy. Hiring a professional copywriter to write your copy is a business expensive that will pay you back many times over. But if it's an impossibility to find the money to pay a professional, at least enlist the help of everyone you can. Start by writing the first draft as best as you can and then getting friends, colleagues and potential customers to look over it and give feedback. There are several copywriting forums where you can even
request a critique of your copy.
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