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Think and Plan Your Way To Riches

Aug 17, 2007
You have to spend time thinking and planning. This requires learning how to think. It requires learning how to plan. The more you research, think and plan, the easier it will be for you to execute your plan.

This is quite important and another problem area I have noticed between those who succeed and those who don't. Successful people plan and think. They are always thinking. Unsuccessful marketers look for the easy street.

Successful marketers think of their plans while they eat, watch movies, take showers, while driving, while mowing the lawn, while listening to others, even while sleeping.

Those who do are unsuccessful; only think of their plans when they happen to be feeling enthusiastic. Remember, many internet marketers only do something when they are motivated, and even then, they are caught up in the "now" feelings.

Successful people are practically obsessed with their goals. They can not get enough. They can work for hours and hours. They can not stop themselves from thinking about their plans. It shapes everything for them.

In my opinion, I see that most have to work hard at not working. I know I do. I actually have to force myself to take breaks, to take days off and to rejuvenate myself.

I exhaust myself. I have had days where I worked over 24 hours straight, slept for just a few hours and worked another 16 to 20 hours. It is an obsession to succeed and grow.

Some may say that it is ridiculous to work that hard. Some may say that you need to live life, smell the roses, enjoy your family, etc. While those reasons are probably why you want to succeed at your business they should not distract you. You can do all of that and much more of it if you pay the price.

Think of your online success as going back to school full time. You have a job and you have to learn your business. You have many tasks and skills to learn how to do. More importantly you need to know how the "why" behind them.

I smell the roses much more now that I work from home. Do not let that mindset fool you. You can work hard and enjoy everything on this planet you want to enjoy. For many, just enjoying life and being happy is all they need. That is fine and in itself is considered success. However, most likely, you are reading this because you want to succeed and achieve your goals and dreams of working at home.

Most likely you are reading this article as an internet marketer who wants to make it big, work from home and enjoy the lifestyle of financial success.

Therefore, working hard is a prerequisite to achieving your goals and dreams. The harder you work, the faster you will get where you want to get.

The better you plan and the more you work on your plan, the faster you will achieve positive results as well. I would say the success formula works like this:

1. Work hard on thinking up ideas
2. Work hard on researching your ideas
3. Work hard on your plan of action
4. Work hard on taking action
5. Continue to work hard on steps one through four

Wash, rinse and repeating the above steps will give you the success you are seeking. The bottom line is that the more you work on your plan, the easier and more successful it is to execute that plan.
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Sean Burton is an excelling marketer who is showing many that online
success is not a myth but a reality. Just doing the basics is not enough you have to take action, the right action in order to succeed. http://www.rightchange4u.com/success-online/
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