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Growth Tips For Your Network Marketing Internet Business

Aug 17, 2007
Managing the use of time in your network marketing internet business is crucial. One of the aspects of this business overlooked too often is how time is utilized to it's best effect.

If you log onto your computer in the morning and spend the first couple of hours going through your emails, checking your stats, reading sales letters and going through various forums you've got to ask yourself..."Is this the best use of my time?"

Really, think about it. It's two hours you've lost forever and in most cases it won't produce you any results whatsoever. You have just spent time on things that are not going to help your business grow.

Time Management Skills

Lack of time management skills can be put down to several factors including lack of focus, lack of discipline or you've simply lost your way and can't get back on track.

Your network marketing internet business needs a pilot and that's you. If you aren't steering the ship then no one else is and no, contrary to what you've been told, if your MLM business is just getting started it will not run on automatic pilot.

The answer is finding and implementing methods that will make your activities more efficient; doing the important tasks ahead of the menial tasks and getting back your focus and discipline.

Sounds simple doesn't it? For a network marketing business to thrive and get to the stage where leverage begins to kick in it needs to be nurtured during the formulative stages. There will be tasks you'll need to do that you won't like but applying a little time management to the process can do wonders.

The first two things you will do is set yourself a work time schedule and secondly, challenge yourself. A work schedule is vital. I hear you saying..."but they told me working at home isn't like a 9-5 job?" It is and it isn't. That sounds like a contradiction but I'll explain.

The attraction with working from home is you don't have to commute through traffic to a destination away from your home. The downside to this is unless you have the discipline and focus to apply to your business then you would be better off going to a job. At least there will be a paycheck to collect at the end of the week.

Challenging yourself means setting goals, both short and long term but more importantly, get the fear factor going. In a network marketing internet business fear is one of the greatest motivators, fear of failure in particular, fear of letting your family down, fear of reaching your so called retirement years and explaining to your family you did the best you could but alas, you're broke and you need to keep working.
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