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Website Conversion Strategies: What You Can Do To Get More Sales

Aug 17, 2007
The first step to improving your site's conversion rate is to determine what it currently is. Once you have these numbers you can calculate your conversion rate by dividing the total sales by the amount of traffic and multiplying by 100. Not impressed with that number? Use these tips to improve it:

- Use audio on your website to sell. If your site's purpose is to sell a product or service, EVERYTHING on your site should be used for selling - including audio. Instead of an audio introduction from you like many sites have added recently, create a powerful 30 second commercial that tells people what you offer, the major benefits of purchasing from you and/or why you're better than your competitors. You don't have to use a hard sell approach. Keep it conversational and show your enthusiasm - but make sure they're given information that takes them one step closer to buying!

- Open any external links in a new browser window. This includes all links to external sites such as recommended resources and sites owned by people who gave you testimonials. Otherwise you run the risk of sending your visitors to another site and never having them return.

- Know who your customers are and what they want. The better you know who you're writing your sales letter for, the more compelling it will be. Before you begin consider the demographic (statistical information about groups of people) and psycho graphic (information about their likes and dislikes) makeup of your target audience.

To get you thinking here are some of the biggest questions you should be able to answer about your potential customers, such as where do they live, how much money do they make, where do they spend time online, how old are they, etc.

- Use only testimonials and endorsements that highlight the main points of your sales letter. Just because someone sent you a testimonial or endorsement doesn't mean you have to use it.

Ideally you'll have enough that you can pick and choose based on how well it supports your sales copy. A powerful approach is to include testimonials and endorsements throughout your copy to back up a point you just made. For example if you say in your sales letter that you offer excellent customer service, include a testimonial right after that paragraph from a customer who is raving about your amazing customer service.

- Use the power of "because". If you tell potential customers why you're doing something they'll be more likely to respond how you want them to. For example, "Buy today for half price because we have several items with damaged packaging..." Studies show it's the presence of the word "because" that gets people to act, so make sure to include it!

Now you know how these tips can help to increase your website conversion rate. Implement them now to see that conversion rate improve on your site.
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