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Attract Prospects To Your Information Like Crazy

Aug 17, 2007
You know it is important to get many people to view your information resource or sales webpage. You know it is critical to build a mailing list so you can develop relationships with your prospects. You know the best way to do this is create top quality, valuable content.

But that alone is NOT enough. In today's crowded, busy, frantic world where everyone of us is plagued by advertising messages, each screaming for limited attention, it is harder than ever before to stand out and attract your ideal audience.

You need to push certain 'hot' triggers to get mindshare. Here are a few ideas.

Value Your Information

Once upon a long time ago, posting useful information on the Web for free was enough to guarantee a large following. Not any more. There are simply too many freebies. So people want to know why they should download your free report versus anyone else's.

It helps them make that decision by placing a dollar value on your free content. You could state the information is worth $97, or that people have paid you $47 for it in the past but it's now free, or share results some of your readers experienced from this information.

Talk About Benefits

Far too often, you see descriptions of products focus too much on the features. Here's an example:

"This ebook has 12 chapters and is 136 pages long. The report is beautifully formatted as a PDF, and page numbers clearly marked. A table of contents is included. The file size is only 40 KB."

Doesn't this sound like a technical manual? Instead, if you focus on the benefits, here's how this description might read:

"This concise manual gives you all the information you need - in less than 30 minutes! Its large font size makes reading on the computer screen a pleasure, avoiding eye-strain or scrolling sideways. But if you prefer to print it out, we've numbered the pages so you don't get hopelessly lost! The table of contents lets you navigate straight to the section you are interested in without wasting time. And best of all, it is available as an instant download - you could be reading this report within 2 minutes!"

Which do you think sounds more compelling to a potential 'buyer'?

Show Proof

Are you teaching a 'system' or 'tactic' to achieve something? Share stories from others who have used it to get the desired results. If you're sharing a money making system, show screenshots of your bank account. If you are teaching list building, point to the size of your list - and others who used your report.

By sharing verifiable data, you remove any doubt or hesitation from the mind of a prospect who is asking himself, "Will this really work for me?" Breaking that barrier is the first step to getting people to take action.


It's a human trait that we want to be special, feel special, be treated special. One way of doing it is to offer people something exclusive.

If you place a limit on who can gain access to something, you'll have crowds queueing up around the block to sign up. And if you offer real value, you'll get folks talking about it - showing off the great information you shared with them.

Use Power Words

It's hard to believe until you try it - and then you won't go back. Use power words like 'breakthrough', 'system', 'formula', 'easy' and 'secret' to grab the attention of your prospect and convince them to take the next step.

There are many more ways to gain mindshare - but try these 5 triggers for starters. You will be amazed at how well they work!
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