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Project Management Professional Skills Training

Aug 17, 2007
Projects are an impermanent endeavour that is carried out to develop a unique product or service. For the successful completion of projects, a group of professionals work on it and that too with concerted effort. Project management is the system of organizational management which allocate employees for special projects, and after the completion of the project they are absorbed back to the organization. An important aspect of project management is the co-ordination of project activities with departments as well as organizational divisions for the successful completion of the project. In this competitive era, it is necessary that every organization must have an effective project management mechanism. Hence, it is evident from the aforesaid discussion that the project management professional skill training is highly significant for the success of project management.

There are pre-defined objectives for every project, and it is necessary to integrate the input required to meet those objectives. Ensuring the delivery of a project within the constraints and optimizing allocation of resources are some of the challenges associated with the project management. It is therefore necessary to have an experienced hand for the successful implementation of project works. Here comes the role of project managers.

Al though he doesn't interfere in all levels of project, a project manager oversees the project development and co ordinates and guides the people involved, and evaluates progress of the project. Further, he is accountable for the success or failure of the project. Project managers' tasks also cover determination and implementation of the exact needs of the client. In short, he is considered a link between the client and parent organization and is responsible for the realization of quality, cost, and client satisfaction.

Organizations that undertake projects have to improve the skill level of the people involved in the projects and new recruits. Since the project team consists of select group of individuals, it is very important to have co-operation and co-ordination. Otherwise, the project will suffer. Every organisation has its own programs for project management professional skill training that match with its portfolio. Some of the prominent factors that are considered vital for project management professional skill training are communication skills, presentation skills, team building, and leadership skills.

Communication skill is not only necessary for collective effort but also for better project management. Organization of meeting related to the ongoing project has to be done by the project manager at certain intervals in these meetings it's checked whether everyone is doing their bit, scope of the project is discussed, and clarification regarding the role of different personals is given. The importance of the meetings is enormous and hence the project manager should have good communication skills.

Team building is important in a project. The individual selected for project are form different departments of the organisations. All individuals have their own view points and it's never going to be easy to have all these people work together harmoniously. So as a team leader, project manager should be able to make them a cohesive unit of workforce which work collectively and effectively.

For every projects there involves a lot of presentations. From planning stage to finishing stage, there will be presentations. Project manager or team leader has to present the developments of the projects, scopes and other aspects of the project to the hierarchy of the organisation. Hence, it is necessary to have good presentation skills. Good preparation, good appearance, control over voice and nervousness, and practice are key for improving presentation skills.

Regarding leadership, the project management demands assertive personnel. There will be offences from the team members regarding certain tasks that the project managers should deal with. Disagreements have to be dealt with through effective dialogues. As a leader, the project manager should tactfully deal with different types of people in the group.

In specific projects, the assigned person in the project team should have specific set of skills to meet the targets and to perform the tasks properly. Organization is an important skill in project management. All important information regarding the project should be known by the project manager, as he is accountable to the superiors. After project management professional skills training, an individual possesses enhanced skill level for undertaking projects. Future project managers can be spotted from project management professional skills training program.
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