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Desire Can Only Take You to California

Aug 17, 2007
Two months after graduating from TX A&M, I packed up my old '97 red Chevy truck with everything I owned, hitched up the U-Haul and kissed the folks goodbye. It was a pretty exciting time in my life.

I had been chasing the MLM dream for about 2 years, with nothing to show for it at that point, but I had made up my mind that I was going to make a living as a network marketer. I wanted the money. They lifestyle. The freedom. The chance to say "I told you so" to all of the friends and family who had doubted so far.

And so I pulled onto the hi-way that day and headed for California. That's where my mega successful sponsor lived.

He was awesome. He had made over $50,000 a month in his former company. He was who I wanted to be and had what I wanted to have.

So, one day, I called him up, and said, "Stu, I'm coming out to Cali and I'm going to sit in your office and do whatever I need to do to make this happen."

I had no idea where I was going to live. How I was going to pay my bills, and had yet to recruit a single person or gather a customer into our opportunity.

It didn't matter. I was going to learn from the best, and become the best.

A year from now I'd be making 6-figures and it would be a fantastic story to tell the grand kids one day. So I went to work with my master mentor. I sat with him daily for 1-2 weeks and just listened. Taking in everything I could about how he built his business.

Then I started calling lead lists of opportunity seekers he had purchased for me.
Days and weeks went by with minimal success. 4 months later, I had less than 10 people in my organization and I was out of money.

I was faced with the fact that I was going to have to go home and face my family and friends in defeat, and get a corporate job to pay off the credits cards I had lived on. On one hand I was embarrassed by my failure, but on the other, I was proud that I had the level of desire to take such a gutsy chance so many others would have been unwilling to risk.

But now what?

If I couldn't make it working in the same office as a one of this industry's masters, what the heck was I supposed to do now? And that's when I realized, desire can only take you so far.

It is the most important and critical ingredient that will drive you to your ultimate success, but it still doesn't change the fact the you must express that desire through the application of correct strategies and tactics as you build your business:
* A ground floor opportunity will not make you rich.
* A product will not make you rich.
* A compensation plan will not make you rich.
* Training will not make you rich.
* Your upline sponsor will not make you rich.
* A fancy website, autoresponder, and leads will not make you rich.

One thing, and ONLY one thing, will allow you to use what you've learned, and turn your burning desire into action that will bring you the results you seek:

And that is marketing.

It's your ability to market and promote yourself and your company's product and opportunity that will bring you results. It's your ability to plug your team into a turn-key marketing system that will explode your organization.

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't get an email or phone call from a reader who asks me what they think about "company xyz" and their revolutionary new product.

And my answer is always the same: "Sounds great John, but how are you going to build your business?" And that question is always followed by hesitation and silence.

Are you going to do home meetings and try and get your downline to do the same? Are you going to spend $500 a month on dead-beat and dead-broke leads and then spend the next 6-12 months learning how to become a master sorter and recruiter?

Are you going to make 200 dials a day to genealogy lists to play the "mine is better than yours game," and then try and get your team to do the same?

Are you going to set up a booth at a flea market to peddle your product all the way up to a $20,000/mo income?

You see, unless you learn how to use attraction marketing strategies and tactics those are your options. Period. Doesn't matter what company you are with. Doesn't matter what product you sell.

You either learn how to market and bring your customers to your doorstep automatically 24/7, or you go and do push-and-grunt MLM just like I used to.

What kind of difference does it make?

The old way = 5 Years and $15,000 down the drain. Waiting tables and trying to avoid my friends that came in to eat. Tons of debt. Tons of frustration. No money. No respect, and no downline.

The right way = Hundreds of reps and $250,000 in business in 4 months. New truck. Loaded $61,000 Mercedes convertible. 1.5 acres on a golf course. New freedom. New life.

And you know what the nuttiest part to this whole thing is... The right way, is ten times easier than the old way. No more selling. No more cold calls. No more heavy-handed recruiting. This wasn't luck and it wasn't a miracle.

You can change the way you do business in this industry forever right now. Stop making excuses. Give your burning desire a track to run on.
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From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at: BuildYourOwnMLM.com
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