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Contact Management -- What Is It And How Can You Profit From Contact Management?

Aug 17, 2007
Think of those times in your business when you or your office staff or worse still sales staff struggle to get your hands on that vital information about customers or suppliers. You just know there must be a better, less costly way of doing business and getting more sales. Well, Contact Management is what helps you do exactly that. The software used for this success is called a Contact Manager.

Contact Management is the process of managing all your contacts, that is, all the people you deal with in your daily business. These people are your customers, prospects, trade partners, suppliers and support services.

How you manage contacts is with the help of easy to use software called a Contact Manager. Using a Contact Manager you maintain a centralized record of each person (or company) plus all information relating to that person. The software comes with extensive template(s) for the contact record structure. All you need to do is enter the information into the relevant fields.

The information is usually recorded in several sections. One section is always for all the contact details such as name, address, email, telephone cell/mobile phone, etc. Another section may be for the person's (professional) requirements such as the products and services they are interested in.

A section is usually devoted to a log or history of all previous communications between your company and that person or his company. The better Contact Managers allow you to attach document to the history section of the contact record. The attached documents can be a combination of (electronic) text documents such as a quotations and (electronic) images of paper documents such as designs, maps, faxes etc.

Can you see that using a Contact Management system, you and your team always have the latest information at your fingertips? Your efficiency increases and operational costs are reduced. Your ability to service client requirements increases and you will not need a large team of office staff to support your sales people. I hope you can see what a powerful system the right Contact Manager is.

You may be thinking, all this is fine but how do you protect access to such powerful information! How do you ensure just one of your sales people doesn't walk away with your entire list of customers and their histories! Don't worry there are well tried and tested and extremely safe solutions built into *some* Contact Managers. Security is vitally important and that's why the better systems have plenty of options for you to lock down your valuable information.

The best systems will allow you to give access to different portions of your system to different people depending on their needs. And you will be able to monitor who is doing what. The top quality systems also enable you not only to allow access only to some specific records by specific staff but also to decide what type of access they will have. This is really powerful as you can allow some people to just read certain records, others to also edit and yet others to read, create, edit and delete records.

Now you know what Contact Management is, you too can profit from the right Contact Manager.
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Dr Sami C Fab is an expert in Contact Management. He has developed and implemented Contact Management Software Systems perfectly suited to small and medium companies.
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